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3 Important Decisions for New In-Home Care Franchise Owners

To build a successful in-home care franchise, you’ll need to make a number of important decisions along the way. Most of the biggest decisions will occur before you land your first client, and many will take place between the time you purchase your franchise and the date when you open your in-home care agency.

3 Important Decisions for New In-Home Care Franchise Owners

Giving Back: The Rewards of Caring Business Opportunities

If you’re looking for a caring business opportunity — one that allows you to serve your community and make a positive impact where it’s most needed — there may be no better fit for your goals and aspirations than home care.

Giving Back: The Rewards of Caring Business Opportunities

Franchise Opportunity: Home Care Business for Sale in Greenwood, SC

Looking for a home care business for sale in Greenwood, SC? If so, you may have identified Greenwood County’s strong potential as a current and future market for home care services. Given the county’s aging demographics, and in light of its undeveloped market for senior services, there’s a lot of opportunity in Greenwood for a Visiting Angels franchise.

Franchise Opportunity: Home Care Business for Sale in Greenwood, SC

Make Fall Prevention a Part of Your Home Care Business

When you own a home care business, fall prevention is a big part of your professional life. Elderly adults suffer falls more frequently than younger adults, and worse yet, they are more likely to suffer a life-threatening injury as the result of a fall. Homecare providers are often tasked with reducing seniors’ risk of falls, or with caring for elderly adults whose quality of life has declined after a fall-related injury.

Make Fall Prevention a Part of Your Home Care Business

Offering Transitional Care as an In-Home Care Franchise

If you own or manage an in-home care franchise, specialized care programs are an excellent way to attract new business and generate revenue. You’ll find no better example of this than the field of in-home transitional care. After hospitalization, many seniors require non-medical assistance to help them transition back home. That’s why Visiting Angels developed a proprietary transitional care program for use by our franchisees.

Offering Transitional Care as an In-Home Care Franchise

Homecare Franchise Opportunities: Ashtabula, OH

If you’re looking for homecare franchise opportunities in Ashtabula, OH, you’re in luck. Visiting Angels is currently searching for potential franchisees for our Ashtabula territory, which we’ve identified as one of our strongest franchise opportunities. With a Visiting Angels homecare franchise, you could bring America’s Choice in Homecare to the Ashtabula region.

Homecare Franchise Opportunities: Ashtabula, OH

Best Franchise to Buy? A Senior Care Franchise

If you’re searching for the best franchise to buy, look no further than Visiting Angels. These days, the demand for quality senior care is skyrocketing. As Baby Boomers enter their 60s and 70s, the need for in-home care options is keenly felt all across America. There’s never been a better time to start a senior care franchise. For over two decades, Visiting Angels has catered to the needs of seniors across America. New franchisees are drawn to our low start-up costs, high brand visibility, and dedicated support to new business owners. Read on to learn more about why we are one of the best franchises to buy.

Best Franchise to Buy? A Senior Care Franchise

Purchase a Senior Care Business in Keene, NH

If you’re thinking about starting a senior care business in Keene, NH, a Visiting Angels franchise could be the perfect fit. Visiting Angels has identified Keene, NH as one of the best communities for a starting a senior care business. Keene boasts the demographics to support a new senior care business, with a wide-open market for home care services.

Purchase a Senior Care Business in Keene, NH

Be Your Own Boss When You Open a Visiting Angels Franchise

Want to be your own boss, but still learning the ropes of running a business? Are you eager to give back to your community and make a real difference? Opening a Visiting Angels franchise might be the perfect fit for you. You’ll get training, plus plenty of support to get you started. You’ll still enjoy the thrill of watching your franchise grow—with few of the growing pains that come from starting an independent business.

Be Your Own Boss When You Open a Visiting Angels Franchise

Veteran Franchise Opportunities: Help Fellow Vets Get Care

Want to make a difference for fellow vets? Starting a home care business is a rewarding way to have that impact. For any vet with an entrepreneurial drive and a generous nature, Visiting Angels offers veteran franchise opportunities to get you started.

Veteran Franchise Opportunities: Help Fellow Vets Get Care

Unique Programs with Our Home Care Franchise: Certified Palliative Care

The market for senior care is growing bigger every day. For home care franchise owners, it’s vital to stay competitive while offering thoughtful, responsive care. New franchisees of Visiting Angels often tell us that they love taking advantage of our extensive expertise. With decades of experience in the field, we can be responsive to the latest developments and trends in senior care. We do this through a customized suite of programs called Life Care Navigation™, proactively addressing specific elements of senior living and care.

Unique Programs with Our Home Care Franchise: Certified Palliative Care

Why Franchise Support Makes Starting a Home Care Business Easier

Starting a home care business on your own can be a difficult undertaking. Like any small business venture, you’re often starting from scratch and putting all of your money on the line. There are few guarantees and not much support. It’s one of the reasons that savvy entrepreneurs opt to buy into franchises instead. It gives you all of the thrill and autonomy of starting your own business, with far fewer growing pains. Visiting Angels offers a multi-tiered network of support for new franchisees, with dynamic tools in place to help new business owners to succeed.

Why Franchise Support Makes Starting a Home Care Business Easier

Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Hazleton, PA

Looking to own a senior home care franchise in Hazleton, PA? If so, you might find the perfect fit with Visiting Angels. Our Hazleton territory is currently available, giving you the chance to start a senior home care franchise business in Hazleton with one of America’s largest and most trusted home care brands.

Home Care Franchise in Marion IN

Elderly Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Paducah, KY

Are you thinking of purchasing an elderly home care franchise? Are you based in Paducah, KY, or familiar with the region? Are you a driven, hardworking individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and people-first mindset? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, you could by the ideal fit for a Visiting Angels elderly home care franchise in Paducah, KY.

Home Care Franchise in Marion IN

Home Care Franchise in Marion IN

Visiting Angels is proud to have a variety of home care franchise opportunities available across the United States. One of our most promising available territories is in Marion, IN. Learn more about what makes Marion IN ideal for a Visiting Angels franchise.

Home Care Franchise in Marion IN

What Does it Cost to Open an In Home Care Business?

When you open an in home care business, you will have the daily satisfaction of knowing you have provided compassionate, caring assistance to seniors and others who are in need. You will be investing in a business with a strong prospect for great success, too. For what is a comparatively modest investment in a Visiting Angels in-home care franchise, you will have the benefit of being a part of a highly respected company.

What Does it Cost to Open an In Home Care Business??

Senior Care Franchise: Frankfort KY

Do you live in the Frankfort KY area? Have you been considering investing in a franchise? Have you considered the advantages associated with a Visiting Angels senior care franchise in Frankfort KY? Visiting Angels offers potential franchise owners the proven support and structure they need to establish and grow a successful office.

Senior Care Franchise: Frankfort KY?

What Kinds of Services Does a Home Care Business Provide?

When considering buying into a franchise, it’s important to understand exactly what is expected of a franchise owner. Having a clear understanding of the services your location will be expected to offer is important. In a home care business, this is perhaps one of the most important variables to consider when comparing franchise offerings.

What Kinds of Services Does a Home Care Business Provide?

State College is a Great Place for a Home Care Assistance Franchise

As the name implies, State College, Pennsylvania, is a college town. But what you may not suspect is that it offers tremendous growth opportunity for a Visiting Angels home care assistance franchise. The area, often referred to as Happy Valley, is worth exploring for its many advantages.

State College is a Great Place for a Home Care Assistance Franchise

3 Things to Consider Before Opening an In-Home Care Business

If you are considering opening an in-home care business, you are embarking on a journey that will keep you busy for the next several decades. Our aging population and the skyrocketing numbers of senior citizens who prefer to age gracefully in the comfort of their homes points to positive growth for an in-home care business. Many entrepreneurs look to Visiting Angels when starting an in-home senior care franchise.

3 Things to Consider Before Opening an In-Home Care Business

Open An Elderly Care Franchise in Dalton, GA

There is huge potential for success with a Visiting Angels elderly care franchise in Dalton. According to the U.S. Census, 11% of Dalton’s population is in the senior citizen category. Find out more about our franchise opportunity in Dalton GA today.

Open An Elderly Care Franchise in Dalton, GA

Why Visiting Angels is the Best Senior Care Franchise

There are a number of reasons that Visiting Angels is the best senior care franchise in America. Our history spans more than two decades, and in that time period we have developed an outstanding reputation for the quality of our services, our commitment to improving people’s lives and our incomparable compassion for the health and well-being of our clients.

Why Visiting Angels is the Best Senior Care Franchise

Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Valdosta, GA

Southern hospitality is thriving in Valdosta, Georgia. You can be a part of it all when you take advantage of the Visiting Angels senior home care franchise opportunity in this small but growing town. Located just a hop, skip and jump away from the Florida border, Valdosta is the perfect place to start and expand a home care business.

Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Valdosta, GA

Home Care Franchise Opportunity in Bowling Green, KY

At Visiting Angels, we are always looking for communities that will benefit from a home care franchise opportunity. We are proud to share the availability we have in Bowling Green KY with you. This highly sought-after area is an ideal location to begin a home care franchise. With a growing aging population, Bowling Green is one of the most desirable home care franchise territories currently available with Visiting Angels.


Opening a Visiting Angels Senior Care Franchise: What to Expect

As a nationwide leader in the senior care franchise industry, our goal at Visiting Angels is to provide high quality and compassionate care to our clients. In parallel, we also strive to provide superior support of our franchise owners. We’ll partner together to help you meet your expectations for success by providing comprehensive support to help grow your business.


Visiting Angels Franchise Opportunity in La Crosse, WI

There is a beautiful, quiet town with a big heart waiting for someone like you to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, La Crosse, Wisconsin is the ideal place to open a Visiting Angels franchise. This territory is ready for someone who wants to take advantage of an exciting Visiting Angels franchise opportunity.


Three Good Reasons to Open a Home Care Franchise

Owning a home care franchise can satisfy many of the requirements that entrepreneurs are looking for in terms of a great investment opportunity. While there are a host of reasons to open a home care franchise, here are three that could well convince any entrepreneur that it’s the right time get into the business.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Marion, OH

Thinking of starting your own senior care business in Marion, OH? Looking for the right senior care franchise opportunity to launch your business? If so, a Visiting Angels franchise might be the perfect fit for your needs. Visiting Angels is currently looking for prospective franchisees for our senior care franchise opportunity in Marion, OH.


11 Tips for New Senior Care Franchise Owners

Starting a senior care franchise takes work — and lots of it. The first few months — both before and after you open your franchise — are especially time-intensive. Many first-time senior care franchise owners find themselves working long hours in these early months. Yes, the results are worth it. But that doesn’t mean the long weeks won’t be tough. The good news? There are steps that new senior care franchise owners can take to maintain their health, well-being, and productivity while working long hours.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Jeffersonville, IN

Are you looking for a home care franchise opportunity in Jeffersonville, IN? Visiting Angels is currently searching for driven, hardworking, and compassionate entrepreneurs for our Jeffersonville territory. We believe that Jeffersonville is one of America’s most promising home care markets and an exceptional opportunity for a Visiting Angels home care franchise. Click the link to take a closer look at what makes Jeffersonville such a strong home care franchise opportunity for Visiting Angels.


Home Care Franchise Tips for Long-Term Client Relationships

When you own and operate a home care franchise, you need to think long-term about your client relationships. It’s not enough to win clients over in the short-term alone. Relationships need to be cultivated in order to retain your clients’ trust. This is important both because it helps you retain existing business and because it helps you earn word-of-mouth referrals. So how should home care franchise owners approach their long-term relationships with clients? Below are a few tips from the experts at Visiting Angels to help you build healthy client relationships and keep those relationships healthy for years to come.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Selma AL

Despite the surging nationwide market for senior home care, some American cities — including Selma AL — remain underserved by senior care providers. Dallas County’s wide-open market for senior care, combined with its favorable demographics, make Selma an attractive opportunity for a senior care franchise. It’s no surprise, then, that in a survey of available Visiting Angels franchise territories, Selma ranked as one of our top senior care franchise opportunities. Do you have the drive, the ambition, and the people-first mindset that distinguish the best senior care franchise owners? If so, you could be the perfect fit for the Visiting Angels senior care franchise opportunity in Selma AL.


5 Ways to Build Trust as a Home Care Franchise

Trust plays a foundational role in any client-business relationship. There are few industries, however, where trust is more important than it is to home care providers. Whether you operate an independent agency, work as an independent caregiver, or operate a home care franchise, your success depends on trust between your clients and your business. If you’re thinking of opening a home care franchise, read about five ways that you can establish trust with your clients and in your community.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Lake Jackson TX

Are you searching for a home care franchise opportunity in or near Lake Jackson TX? Are you a people-first individual with a passion for helping others? Do you have the focus, dedication, and drive to make the most of a home care franchise opportunity? Are you familiar with Lake Jackson and the type of care seniors expect in the Houston-Sugar Land metro area? If so, you might be the perfect fit for a Visiting Angels home care franchise in Lake Jackson TX.


The Cooperative Benefits of Our Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

In a typical franchise network, owners share costs for centrally managed aspects of the franchise organization, like national advertising, and they occasionally meet for training sessions and conferences. But in terms of close relationships and support between franchisees, most organizations lack this level of peer-to-peer cooperation. We do things differently at Visiting Angels. Here, new franchisees quickly feel part of the Visiting Angels family. By encouraging a sense of community, collegiality, and collaboration between franchise owners, we’ve created an elder care franchise opportunity in which franchisees mutually benefit from one another’s support.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Ames IA

Over the next several years, Ames IA is projected to see major growth in the need for at home senior care services. Yet the market for senior care services in Ames remains wide open, offering plenty of opportunity for new senior care providers to get a foothold in the local community. This combination of market factors has made Ames one of the most promising senior care franchise opportunities currently available at Visiting Angels.


Buying a Home Care Franchise: Offering Comprehensive Services

With the booming market for senior care services, a home care franchise is a smart investment. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others, the decision to buy a home care franchise is an easy choice to make. But after making that initial decision, there are hundreds of smaller decisions you’ll need to make — and those choices aren’t always so easy. One of the best examples is the selection of services your franchise will offer. At Visiting Angels, we believe in providing specialized care for all of our clients.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Sherman TX

Ready to open your own home care agency in Sherman TX? Looking for the perfect home care franchise opportunity to make that happen? The perfect opportunity could be waiting for you at Visiting Angels. Our home care franchise opportunity in Sherman TX is one of our most promising territories for a new Visiting Angels location. If you’re a driven, detail-minded individual with a passion for supporting seniors in need, you could be the ideal fit for Visiting Angels home care franchise opportunity in Sherman TX.


4 Mistakes New Home Care Franchise Owners Make with Clients

Great home care agencies distinguish themselves by how they handle client relationships. In a business as personal as elderly home care, these relationships take on a completely different dynamic than they do in other industries. This can make it easy for new home care franchise owners to make mistakes with their first clients. At Visiting Angels, we’ve seen how new franchisees sometimes run into trouble attracting and serving their first clients. We’re also familiar with how to steer clear of these issues. Here are four mistakes that new home care franchisees sometimes run into with clients, plus our advice for new franchise owners on how to manage client relationships.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Jackson TN

Searching for a home care franchise opportunity in the Jackson TN metro area? Visiting Angels is currently looking for prospective franchisees who are interested in serving Jackson’s in-home senior care market. If you have the drive, determination, and compassion it takes to lead a Visiting Angels franchise, you could be a perfect fit for our home care franchise opportunity in Jackson.


How Dementia is Changing the Home Care Franchise Market

America’s aging population has led to big changes for the home care industry, including a wave of new home care franchise opportunities. But these opportunities can come with challenges. One of the biggest is tied to dementia. Cases of Alzheimer’s and other dementias are becoming increasingly common across the US, outpacing the growth of America’s elderly population. What are the short-term and long-term implications of this change? How will home care franchise brands respond? And how will this change the market for home care franchise opportunities?


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Vicksburg MS

Looking for a senior care franchise opportunity in Vicksburg MS? The perfect opportunity could be waiting for you at Visiting Angels. The Vicksburg MS area is one of our most promising available territories, and we are currently looking for prospective franchise owners for this region. If you think you have what it takes to provide Vicksburg seniors with high-quality home care, then you could be an ideal fit for a Visiting Angels franchise.


Reports Shed Insight on Home Care Franchise Market Growth

Two reports from prominent research firms bring good news for the home care business. Those in the home care industry – as well as those thinking of purchasing a home care franchise – will be excited to learn that growth for elderly services has not only been robust in recent years, but that it’s expected to grow even faster in the near future. This news might not be so surprising for some home care franchise owners; after all, our industry has been anticipating this trend for some time. But what’s even more striking is this: out of all elderly services, home care services are growing faster than any other.


Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Cedar Falls, IA

Searching for a senior home care franchise opportunity in Cedar Falls, IA? The perfect franchise opportunity could be closer than you think. Visiting Angels — the #1 rated senior home care franchise opportunity in America — is looking for prospective franchisees for our Cedar Falls territory. If you share the drive, the vision, and the values that have made us America’s Choice in Homecare, then you could be the perfect person to bring Visiting Angels home care services to the Cedar Falls area.


Turning Senior Care Experience into a Vital Business

Everyone wants to be their own boss, but so few of us ever get the chance to make it happen. For experienced senior care providers, however, there has never been a more promising time than now to take the plunge. With demand booming for high-quality, reliable senior care, many senior care providers are now putting their experience to use as the owners/operators of their very own senior home care franchises. At Visiting Angels, we’ve been at the forefront of the senior home care franchise movement since 1998.


The #1 Quality Shared by Successful Elder Care Franchises

There are a lot of things that successful elder care franchises have in common. Quality caregivers. Flexible care plans. Close relationships with their clients. But above all of these, there’s one quality that stands out among top elder care franchise opportunities: values. If anyone understands the importance of values in elder home care, it’s the team at Visiting Angels. When franchise owners named us America’s best elder care franchise opportunity for franchisee satisfaction, they gave us our highest marks in “Core Values.” Our success — and the success of our franchisees — is proof of how far values can take you in the elder care industry.


The Importance of Self-Care for Home Care Franchise Owners

There’s a common phrase in home care. “Caring for the caregiver.” It’s used to stress the importance of self-care for care providers. Usually, people say it in reference to unpaid family caregivers or to professional home care service providers. But it’s just as applicable to home care franchise owners, especially for new owners who’ve recently purchased a home care franchise opportunity. If you’re considering a home care franchise opportunity, self-care should be something you keep in mind. Here’s why, along with tips on how to incorporate self-care into the busy months ahead.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Searcy, AR

Looking for a senior care franchise opportunity in Searcy, AR? Visiting Angels® is currently on the lookout for compassionate, care-focused entrepreneurs to bring a Visiting Angels senior care franchise to the Searcy area. Searcy’s demographic make-up, current market for home care services, and community character are all ideally suited to a Visiting Angels senior care franchise opportunity.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Duluth, MN

Looking for a home care franchise opportunity in Duluth, MN? Visiting Angels currently has open franchise territory available for the Duluth area, and we’re looking for a compassionate, care-focused entrepreneur to bring Visiting Angels to northern Minnesota.


The Best Senior Care Franchisee Opportunity for Franchisee Satisfaction

At Visiting Angels, we’re proud of our track record for franchisee satisfaction. We’ve just been recognized by the Franchise Business Review (FBR), as America’s best senior care franchise opportunity and the top senior care franchise for franchisee satisfaction. That title was earned in the FBR’s annual Franchisee Satisfaction Survey Awards, which are awarded based on feedback from thousands of franchise owners.


Marketing & Living Assistance Franchise Opportunities

When you’re considering a living assistance franchise opportunity, a number of factors will play a role in your decision. One that sometimes ends up getting overlooked is marketing. Marketing resources, support, and costs can vary significantly from one franchisor to another. This can have a big impact on your business. After all, how you market your living assistance franchise will be crucial to growing and sustaining your agency. Marketing support from your franchisor can make or break your chances with a living assistance franchise opportunity.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Muskogee, OK

Looking for a senior care franchise opportunity in Muskogee, OK? A franchise territory in Muskogee County is currently available through Visiting Angels, America’s leading senior care franchisor. Our directors have identified Muskogee as a particularly high-potential territory for a senior care franchise opportunity, and we are currently searching for a compassionate, determined, care-oriented individual to seize this opportunity. Are you ready to join the Visiting Angels family and bring quality care to northeast Oklahoma? Then our senior care franchise opportunity in Muskogee could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Home Care Franchise vs. Independent Agency: Which Is Best?

Few industries have seen the explosive growth that the home care market is now experiencing. Starting a home care agency has never been more attractive, and you may be thinking of opening or purchasing an agency. But before you open your own home care business, you will need to decide between purchasing a home care franchise opportunity or starting an independent care agency. The pros and cons of home care franchises vs. independent care agencies include a number of significant differences. Whether its best to go with a home care franchise opportunity or stay fully independent will have a big impact on how you run your business, how quickly you’re able to grow, and your overall chances of success.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Lincoln, Nebraska

Are you looking for a senior care franchise opportunity in Lincoln, NE? Visiting Angels is currently searching for entrepreneurs who have the skills, drive, and vision to build a successful home care agency in Lincoln, and who share the compassion that distinguishes the Visiting Angels model of care. Our franchise opportunity gives you the chance to purchase a senior care franchise in Lincoln and bring America’s Choice in Homecare to Lancaster County and the surrounding areas.


The Personal Side to Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

Last month, we talked about how important an analytical mindset can be to understanding a senior care franchise opportunity. But in an industry as personal as senior care, you need more than cold analysis when you’re thinking of buying a franchise. Succeeding in senior care also requires a strong sense of your clients, your caregivers, and yourself. Before committing to a senior care franchise opportunity, it’s important that you’ve done this personal groundwork.


Cindy Christensen on Building Relationships in a Home Care Franchise

Cindy Christensen is the owner of Visiting Angels Mid-Eastern Shore. In a recent conversation, Cindy talked about the challenges that come with starting a home care franchise, how she and her daughter, Brooke, overcame them, and why relationships play a crucial role in making the most of a home care franchise opportunity.


The Analytical Side to Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

When you’re comparing senior care franchise opportunities, an analytical mindset is important. Whether you’re judging a senior care franchisor, a regional senior care market, or how ready you are to purchase a senior care franchise, it always pays to take a careful approach. That means asking the right questions, acquiring as much data and information as possible, and making a diligent assessment of the senior care franchise opportunity you’re considering.


Elder Care Franchise Opportunity: Rapid City, South Dakota

Thinking of opening an elder care office in Rapid City, SD? If so, a Visiting Angels elder care franchise opportunity could be the perfect fit for your needs. Given its sizable senior population and the state of its current home care market, our directors believe that Rapid City represents a high-potential opportunity for a Visiting Angels elder care franchise.


Franchises Make Senior Care Regulations More Navigable

As an entrepreneur, there are few bigger or more frustrating stumbling blocks than regulations. With home care, smart regulation can ensure quality care and protect consumers. But burdensome state regulations can also make it difficult to open a home care business. One way to easily manage those regulations is to open a senior care franchise instead of your own agency. Franchised senior care companies — like Visiting Angels — simplify regulation and licensing procedures for entrepreneurs hoping to open a senior care business.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Missoula & Bozeman, Montana

Montana’s baby boomers have begun to hit retirement, and many of them need or will soon need professional elderly care assistance. As America’s choice in home care, the Visiting Angels brand is perfectly positioned to meet their needs. Our available territories in west Montana are wide open for new franchisees, with the opportunity to open your own home care franchise in Missoula, Bozeman, or another nearby community.


5 Reasons to Open a Living Assistance Franchise

At Visiting Angels, we have more than twenty years’ experience in the home care business, so we know its ins and outs, along with its many benefits. So, if you’re thinking of opening your own living assistance franchise, here are 5 reasons you might want to move quickly.


Home Care Franchise Opportunity: Buckeye, Arizona

Looking for a home care franchise opportunity in or near Buckeye, AZ? Visiting Angels is currently looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own home care business in the Buckeye area. We believe that Buckeye represents an excellent home care franchise opportunity, thanks to a growing population of seniors, strong economic indicators, and a need for high-quality local care.


Contacting Franchisees for Senior Care Franchise Research

There’s a lot that goes into researching a senior care franchise, but one of the most important aspects of research is speaking with franchise owners. If you’re thinking of buying a senior care franchise, here are some suggestions for how you can reach out to existing and past franchisees, and what questions you should ask franchise owners during research.


Senior Care Franchise Opportunity: Gillette, Wyoming

Are you looking for a senior care franchise opportunity in Gillette, WY? If so, Visiting Angels wants to hear from you. Gillette has experienced rapid population growth in recent years and boasts a large population of baby boomers, offering a strong opportunity for growth over the next two decades.


Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss as a Franchisee?

Part of the appeal of buying your own living assistance franchise is the chance to be your own boss. Almost everyone dreams of it at one point of another. If you’ve been thinking of buying a living assistance franchise, you should be asking yourself if acting as your own boss is right for you. Here are some of the things you should consider to help you answer this question.


What Kind of Senior Care Franchise Will You Open?

Any successful business starts with a vision. This is something that's as true in the senior care industry as it is in any other. So, if you're trying to choose between senior care franchise opportunities, it's important that you know what kind of franchise you're hoping to open. Whatever your vision for your business, that vision will go a long way to finding the right senior care franchise opportunity.


Effective Market Research for Home Care Franchise Opportunities

If you’re exploring home care franchise opportunities, it’s important to think about how a new home care franchise will fit into your local area’s market. That means performing market research for your region, it’s demographics, and the competition your home care franchise will face. At Visiting Angels, we’ve helped countless potential franchisees research their local markets for home care franchise opportunities.


Laura Amme & Clay Sword on Care Agencies vs. Registries in FL

As the owner and general manager of the Visiting Angels office in Port Saint Lucie and servicing several surrounding areas, Laura Amme and Clay Sword have been part of the Visiting Angels family since late 2014. As operators of a non-skilled home health agency in Florida — a state where caregiver registries are much more common than care agencies — Laura and Clay’s path to success is a potential roadmap for prospective Visiting Angels home care agency franchise owners. Recently, Visiting Angels spoke with Laura and Clay about what made them interested in owning a care agency franchise, what’s made the franchise a success, and how they navigate operating a non-skilled home health agency in a market like Port St. Lucie, Florida.


5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Home Care Business

Starting a home care business is no small operation. Despite the big rewards offered by the home care market, it takes work to launch a successful home care company. Whether you're starting an independent agency or launching your business under a franchise brand's banner, starting a business in the care sector takes time, effort, and patience. Under these circumstances, some entrepreneurs try to take shortcuts — a strategy that rarely ends well. If you're starting a home care business, here are five common mistakes you should take care to avoid.

elder care franchise

Barney Freiberg-Dale on What It Takes to Run a Home Care Franchise

Along with his wife Eileen, Barney Freiberg-Dale has been a part of the Visiting Angels family for over a decade. Barney and Eileen opened their home care franchise in 2004 following careers in rehabilitation and social work. Recently, Visiting Angels spoke with Barney about how he and Eileen became involved with Visiting Angels, the ups and downs they’ve experienced as home care franchise owners, and where they see the home care market heading.

elder care franchise

Starting a Home Care Business

Home care is at the start of a major growth period, with America’s senior population growing every year. But for some entrepreneurs, starting a home care business can be an imposing investment. Thinking of starting a home care business? Unsure if you have the knowledge — or experience — to make this a reality? Here’s why pursuing a home care business is still worth your time.

elder care franchise

Follow the Money: Smart Investors Focus on Home Care

In a recent article for Forbes, Joanna Glasner reports that prominent venture capitalists are turning their eyes to the senior home care market. According to Glasner, smart money expects the home care market to continue its upward trend into the coming years and beyond. As America’s Choice in Home Care®, our team at Visiting Angels couldn’t agree more. Here’s why...

elder care franchise

Michael DiAsio on Buying an Existing Elder Care Franchise

Michael and Jackie DiAsio have been elder care franchise owners since 2010 when they purchased an existing Visiting Angels franchise in Las Vegas. In the years since, Michael and Jackie have tripled business in the face of growing competition. Recently, Michael spoke with Visiting Angels about what led him and Jackie to purchase their elder care franchise, how entrepreneurs who purchase existing franchises can position themselves for success, and where the elder care industry is headed in the next several years.

elder care franchise

Finding the Right Culture Fit in Elderly Care Franchise Opportunities

If you’re an entrepreneur choosing between franchise opportunities, you’ve probably heard a lot about culture fit and how important it is to choosing a franchise. Sometimes, it can seem like the “culture fit” question is overblown. After all, metrics like start-up costs, royalty fees, and projected income are tangible figures. Compared to these metrics, finding the right culture can seem like a secondary concern. But when it comes to elderly care franchise opportunities, culture fit can make or break how you and your franchise perform.

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Nate Stokes on Building the “Care” into Your In-Home Care Franchise

In February of 2009, Nate Stokes opened his Visiting Angels in-home care franchise, serving the Joplin, Missouri community from offices in nearby Carthage. In the eight years since, Nate’s business has turned into one of Missouri’s most trusted in-home care agencies. Recently, Nate spoke with Visiting Angels about why home care was the perfect fit for his personality, what qualities have allowed him to succeed as an in-home care franchise owner, and the rewards of owning a care-focused business.

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Why Senior Care Franchisees Should Care About Caregivers

There’s never been a better time to own a senior care franchise. With a booming market that continues to grow, the financial rewards to opening a senior care franchise can be as rich as the emotional rewards that come with caring for seniors in need. But running a senior care business isn’t without its challenges. Over the past several years, the supply of experienced caregivers hasn’t grown as quickly as the demand for in-home senior care. In response to this concern, Visiting Angels’ directors and franchisees have focused more than ever on hiring and retaining caregivers. Thinking about opening a senior care franchise? If so, you’ll want to think about your strategy for staffing your agency. We’ve collected some thoughts on how you can make this process easier.

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Senior Care Franchise Opportunities in the Smart Tech Age

The senior care industry is at the start of an unprecedented growth period in America. But this growth period has come with another seismic shift in American life. Smart technology is now sprouting up in every corner of our lives, and several senior-care focused technologies have entered the market. That begs the question: are senior care franchise opportunities still viable in the age of smart tech?

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How Scott Holmes Built a Thriving Senior Home Care Franchise

If you had asked him a few years ago, Scott Holmes would have told you he was a year or two away from a well-earned retirement. And if you’d told him he was mistaken — that in a few short years, he’d be co-owner of one of Idaho’s most successful senior home care franchises — Scott would have hardly believed you. Now, just two years later, they’re operating a thriving senior home care franchise under the Visiting Angels brand.

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What’s Your Best Franchise to Buy?

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, chances are you’ve caught yourself Googling “what’s the best franchise to buy” more than once. And who can blame you? With so many franchise opportunities on the market, it can be tough to navigate the franchise landscape. But the problem with a question like, “What’s the best franchise to buy?” is that assumes there’s only one answer, when in fact, the answer changes from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. So the next time you find yourself asking this question, don’t think, “What’s the best franchise to buy?” Instead, think, “What’s MY best franchise to buy?”

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Protected Home Care Franchise Territories, Limitless Markets

Buying a home care franchise is a major commitment, one that you shouldn’t take lightly. At Visiting Angels, we know that one of the biggest factors in your success as a franchisee will be your territory. Choosing the right territory — and the home care franchise system with the right territory policy — can make or break your business. That’s part of why Visiting Angels uses a unique territory system that breaks from the traditional franchise mold.

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4 Takeaways from the WSJ Report on Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an in-depth feature on the state of senior care franchise opportunities. The report helped confirm what we’ve known for some time: that senior care franchise opportunities are the best kept secret in the modern-day franchise market.

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Interview: Will Bruck on Veteran Franchise Opportunities in Home Care

As an active reservist with three tours of duty to his name, William Bruck has been a military man for his entire adult life. But in 2013, Will added a new line to his C.V.: home care franchise owner. Recently, Will spoke with Visiting Angels about where his journey started, where he sees his business going, and why he thinks the home care industry offers such strong veteran franchise opportunities.

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Identifying Strong Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

When it comes to your success as a franchisee, so much relies on finding the right franchise. As the #1 rated home care franchise in Franchise Business Review’s 2015 survey of franchise owners, Visiting Angels has earned its reputation as a top-of-the-line elder care franchise opportunity.

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Franchisee Satisfaction Key to Identifying Best Franchises to Buy

There are a number of ways that you can identify the best franchise opportunities to buy, but few offer the insight of listening to the first-hand experiences of franchise owners. By relying on the opinions of actual franchise owners, you’re able to get a full sense of how rewarding a franchise opportunity actually is. At Visiting Angels, we can’t help but agree that the key to identifying the best franchises to buy is through reaching out to the investors and entrepreneurs who have taken the journey already.

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The Easiest Way to Start a Senior Care Business

While it’s possible to build a senior care agency from the ground up, the amount of time, money, and effort it takes to start a senior care business on your own is often staggering. That’s why franchise model businesses are more popular than ever before, particularly in the senior care industry. A franchise opportunity, such as those offered by Visiting Angels, represents an easier path to starting a senior care business.

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Stats Confirm Strong In-Home Care Franchise Opportunities

New data on the state of care services is confirming what those in the in-home care industry have long suspected: that in-home care franchise opportunities remain some of the strongest franchise opportunities around.

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The Best Franchises to Own Combine Success with Satisfaction

As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on two things: financial success and personal satisfaction. At Visiting Angels, we know better than anyone how important that balance is when searching for the best franchises to own. Our vision for our franchisees is one where long-term financial success comes with deep personal satisfaction.

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Living Assistance Franchise Opportunities in Your State

The living assistance industry is in the early stages of a major growth period, with America’s senior population expected to climb from 40 million to 72 million in an 18-year span. That means there’s never been a better time to start a new home care business. Visiting Angels has open living assistance franchise opportunities across the United States.

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Visiting Angels Franchisee Profiled in Franchise Business Review

Michael and Jacqueline DiAsio, owners of the Visiting Angels franchise in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, were profiled in the Franchise Business Review.

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Personality Traits of Successful Senior Care Franchise Owners

Do you have what it takes to start a senior care franchise? At Visiting Angels, all of our senior care franchise owners have asked themselves this question at one point or another. Of course, the only sure way to find out is to take the plunge with your first franchise. That said, there are certain personality traits shared by successful senior care franchise owners. Find out if you’re primed to succeed in the senior care business by seeing how well you match up to the traits described below.

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The Importance of Protected Territories in Living Assistance Franchise Opportunities

At Visiting Angels, our living assistance franchise opportunities come with protected territories. As a potential first-time franchise owner, you might be wondering why protected territories are so important. Simply put, protected territories safeguard your investment. And in the bigger picture, they’re a sign that your franchisor is willing to place your interests first. For many potential franchise buyers, protected territories can make or break their decision to invest in a living assistance franchise opportunities.

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Marketing Your Senior Care Franchise

One of the keys to building a successful senior care franchise is marketing your business. It’s important that seniors in your area know about your business, associate it with quality care, and know how they can get started with your home care programs. This requires resources, time, and know-how, but if executed properly, a strong marketing campaign can mean big things for your senior care franchise.

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Starting a Senior Care Business & Your Role in the Community

Starting a senior care business makes you an integral part of your local community. As a senior care provider, many people – including your clients, their family, and even their friends – come to depend on you and your staff on a day-to-day basis. At Visiting Angels, our team is dedicated to guiding franchise owners through the process of starting a senior care business.

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The Rewards of a Living Assistance Franchise Opportunity

For potential entrepreneurs, there is no more rewarding opportunity than owning a living assistance franchise. At Visiting Angels, we’ve been involved in the elderly care franchise business since 1998. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it means to run a home care company, including the financial and personal rewards that come with this industry. For our team, and the franchisees that work with us, living assistance is the number one franchise-model opportunity for lucrative, steady growth and professional fulfillment.

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What Home Care Franchise Owners Say about Visiting Angels 

At Visiting Angels, we’re proud of our reputation among home care franchise owners. Year after year, we’ve received honors and awards for the performance of our franchises and the satisfaction of our franchise owners. Just this past year, we were named Franchise Business Review’s #1 home care franchise for franchisee satisfaction, and the #3 franchise-model company in the “Best of the Best” category.

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Visiting Angels Franchise Opportunities: What We Offer

Our franchise owners are cornerstones of their communities, providing essential care to people in times of need. What’s more, with our industry at the outset of its biggest growth window ever, the financial rewards offered by a Visiting Angels franchise opportunity are just as substantial as the personal fulfillment felt by our franchisees.

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Generating Lead Opportunities as a Senior Care Franchise

At Visiting Angels, we take a comprehensive and proactive approach to generating leads for our franchisees. If you’re considering a senior care franchise opportunity from Visiting Angels, we’ll give you the guidance and support you need for a regular stream of top-quality leads.

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Apply Your Experience as a Caregiver and Own Your Own Senior Care Franchise

Our senior family members are precious to us. They provide our link to the past, carry so many of our family memories, and are how we come to understand ourselves and our family’s legacy. Many of our elders unfortunately cope with illness and disabilities. Because of this, many family members have gained the invaluable experience of being in-home care providers. These are the kind of people who have thrived performing these kinds of services professionally as a senior care franchise owner for Visiting Angels.

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Use Your Expertise to Offer Assistance to Seniors – Own a Home Care Franchise

With so many baby boomers reaching retirement age, the need for home care is at an all-time high and only bound to increase. 70 million Americans will reach the age of 65 over the next 15 years, and many will need help, support, and professional attention. For those with experience in the medical field, this is a perfect opportunity to own your own home care franchise. What better kind of business to run than one that helps those in need?

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A Visiting Angels Franchise Provides Opportunities to Serve Your Community

Most of us have seen what it is like to watch one of our loved ones grow into old age and begin to suffer from chronic illness or other loss of normal faculties. Some of us have cared for such loved ones by hosting them in our own homes. We know the impact of providing in-home care to someone in this kind of need and how crucial a helping hand can be to relieve their fears, stress, pain, and frustration. Owning a Visiting Angels franchise provides opportunities for willing specialists to serve our communities as the providers of this vital need. When you take advantage of Visiting Angels franchise opportunities, you will be helping seniors by providing professional assistance that makes aging in place possible.

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Are You Considering Home Care Franchise Opportunities?

Your entrepreneurial spirit wants nothing more than to seize destiny in both your hands and shape it into the business you’ve always dreamed of owning, yet a healthy amount of fear has thus far held you back from making those first steps. Being the builder of your own future is an empowering but scary prospect, especially if you are starting a business from the ground up. That is why many in your shoes decide to become franchise owners, gaining the perks of being a business owner along with aid of industry veterans.

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Questions to Ask When Considering Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

Taking a look at the first question, it is important for every budding entrepreneur to understand the pros and cons of the different ways to own and grow your own business. If you are buying an existing business, there are special risks that involve the loss of key personnel, understanding the reasons for a seller to move on, and the fact you are basically going to be on your own to learn the business while it is operating.

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Available Senior Care Franchise Locations

At this moment in our country's history, we are experiencing an unprecedented demographic shift that is creating an urgent demand for senior care services. Over the coming decades, the number of people over the age of 65 will double, creating a significant need for in-home care services.  Visiting Angels is looking for caring and compassionate entrepreneurs who are ready to help others and be a part of a growing industry.

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Make A Difference With A Senior Care Franchise

When you are looking for the best possible business opportunity, you want something that offers you quick access to a growing industry. You need an opportunity that can not only start strong in today's business environment, but build into something that will be successful over the long term.

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Choose a Visiting Angels Home Care Franchise

Many people looking to open a business find franchising to be the best possible option. A franchise business offers the opportunity to be your own boss, while still having the support of industry experts and fellow business owners. Franchising is a popular option for many entrepreneurs, but finding the franchise that is right for your future and your goals can be challenging. 

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Take Advantage of Senior Home Care Franchise Opportunities in Your Community

If you would like to be your own boss and run your own business, investigating senior home care franchise opportunities might be for you. Opportunities with a senior home care franchise can be quite lucrative as it has an array of operational and economic advantages compared to traditional standalone businesses.

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Available Home Care Assistance Franchise: Erie, PA

Visiting Angels is seeking entrepreneurs interested in opening a home care assistance franchise. We currently have a home care assistance franchise opportunity in Erie, PA.

Visiting Angels is one of the leading home care assistance franchise systems in the country. Since 1998, families have been turning to Visiting Angels for respectful, compassionate at home care assistance.

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Why A Home Care Franchise is a Good Investment

The decision to strike out on your own and become a business owner should never be taken lightly. There are many factors that can lead up to and influence your decisions. Many entrepreneurs opt to join a franchise rather than opening up a new business on their own. The franchise environment offers many benefits and provides valuable support and guidance as you begin the journey of becoming a business owner.

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Available Senior Care Franchise: Burlington, VT

Visiting Angels is proud to offer an available senior care franchise in Burlington, VT. Visiting Angels is one of the leading senior care franchise systems in the country. Since 1998, we have been providing seniors and the disabled with top quality, compassionate at home care services. Visiting Angels franchise owners enjoy the benefits of working with industry leaders as they grow their business, find professional success and personal fulfillment.

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Why Homecare Opportunities are Heating Up the Franchise Industry

According to a press release from the International Franchise Association, franchise businesses are again expected to exceed the average growth of the U.S. economy in 2015. Homecare franchise opportunities, in particular, continue to be a major driving force of that statistic. One strong indicator is the number of new jobs that are being created within the various homecare franchise opportunities sector.

Why are homecare opportunities heating up the franchise industry in such a consistent manner over the last several years? The answers are here.

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How to Choose the Best Home Care Franchise

Once you’ve made the smart decision to invest your future in home care franchise opportunities, it’s time to choose the best home care franchise for your needs. To choose the best home care franchise for your future, you need to know what questions to ask and what answers to look for. 

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Benefits of Pursuing In Home Care Franchise Opportunities

If you have had to provide care for a loved one in their own home, then you understand what a difference you made in his or her life. The business of caring is a vital part of how we operate as a society. We are charged with taking care of those who have trouble caring for themselves. This allows our loved ones to continue to enjoy a high quality of life and maintain a sense of independence despite certain physical challenges.

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Why Choose a Senior Care Franchise Business?

If you enjoy working with the elderly, have a desire to work in a profitable business, or have marketing or sales experience, a senior care franchise may be the perfect business opportunity for you. The need for non-medical, skilled care is in high demand and the home care industry is booming. There are several good reasons why making an investment in the home care industry is a great idea.

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