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Finding Business Opportunities that can Last for Generations to Come

Business owners typically have a variety of goals. When they seek business opportunities, these goals can fall into some or all of these categories. Business owners:

  • Aspire to be their own boss

  • Want to earn a good living

  • Want to experience pride of ownership 

  • Often wish to make an altruistic contribution to their community

  • May desire to establish a business they can hand down for generations

When you own a Visiting Angels® franchise, you’ll be able to achieve all of these goals.

Freedom and Support

Entrepreneurs are often drawn to the concept of franchise ownership because they want that perfect combination of freedom and support. As a franchise owner with Visiting Angels, you’ll start with a solid foundation built on 20+ years in the home care industry. 

Our leadership team has the knowledge and experience to help you hit the ground running. We offer initial and ongoing training, proven systems, and comprehensive marketing support. Additionally, you’ll have the freedom to customize your location to adapt to the individual needs of your community. 

As the boss of your agency, you’ll be in the driver’s seat making decisions and directing the future of your business, all while enjoying the support of our corporate office and other franchise owners. It’s one of the strongest reasons to join a franchise. You won’t be on the journey alone. You’ll have our corporate team behind you giving you a leg up, as you open your doors, and providing ongoing support.

Strong Business Opportunities for Today and Tomorrow

For the first time in U.S. history, adults age 65+ will project to outnumber children under the age of 18 by the year 2034. In early 2018, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report citing this interesting shift in demographics: 

  • In 2016, 49.2 million adults were over 65, and children under the age of 18 totaled 73.6 million

  • In 2034, the projection shifts to 77 million adults over 65 and 76.5 million children under 18

  • In 2060, the forecast predicts 94.7 million adults over 65 and 80.1 million children under 18

When you factor in better medicine, early detection, and advanced treatment of diseases, it’s easy to see why people are living longer. This shift towards an aging population means that the home care industry should see continued growth for years to come. 

The Impact on the Community 

Each day, Visiting Angels franchise owners get to see the effect of their influence on the families they work with and their community in general. 

While each one of us can help someone we know through our individual kindness and generosity, you’ll be able to help your entire community through a Visiting Angels franchise. Each family your agency supports will benefit from the knowledge that their aging loved ones are safe which allows them to enjoy the gift of more quality time together. It’s no wonder so many of our clients view their caregivers and our agency staff as part of their family.

Sharing a Strong Business with Your Family

Many entrepreneurs start their business with the hope that future generations will be able to benefit from their hard work and dedication. Home care business opportunities are one of the few that offer this option as a real benefit. Because of the current aging population and the strong community involvement our agencies establish, you’ll see real opportunities for your business to become established and thrive far past your initial owner’s investment.

A Visiting Angels business opportunity is a unique one where generations can work together to grow and succeed. We have many franchise locations where ownership is shared between parents and their adult children. We also see many locations where the franchise owner has their adult children working alongside them every day. Because the home care industry is here to stay, you’ll enjoy success and have the opportunity to bring your children, and potentially their children, into the business down the road if you wish.

If you are seeking exciting and meaningful business opportunities, learn more about how Visiting Angels makes a difference in the lives of their home care franchise owners and those in their care by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.