Dissatisfied with Corporate America? Consider a Senior Care Franchise Opportunity
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Dissatisfied with Corporate America? Consider a Senior Care Franchise Opportunity

Working in a corporate environment can feel thankless even at the best of times. If you’ve spent years toiling away with little recognition or have been seriously let down by your employer’s response to COVID, now may be the ideal time to move on to a senior care franchise opportunity.

While working a corporate job feels like the stable path — one with raises, benefits and promotions ahead — it has become clear in recent years that this isn’t always the case. Wages are stagnating while at-will employment and contract jobs have become the norm.

With a senior care franchise opportunity, you can experience the freedom of owning your own business, setting your own schedule, and directly benefiting from all your hard work. You’ll also be in a position to see the impact of your efforts within your community.

Working for yourself in a field that really matters sounds great, but is opening a senior care franchise the right option for you? At Visiting Angels®, we’ve helped hundreds of franchise owners take this life-changing step.

Why Shift from a Corporate Job to a Senior Care Franchise Opportunity

Making a career change is a big decision no one should take lightly. However, the fear of change should never keep you from choosing a more satisfying path. If you’re interested in buying a franchise, but aren’t sure how viable it is, consider the following benefits:


Greater independence is perhaps the biggest reason prospective franchise owners wish to leave their corporate roles. Opening your own senior care franchise means setting your own schedule and running day-to-day operations just as you see fit. It means you don’t have to answer to anyone else.


Of course, when people think of starting their own business, risk is the first thing that comes to mind. Franchising on its own is often a more secure route than launching a startup from scratch. When you choose a franchise, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an established product, an established brand, and a clear road map to follow. 

A senior care franchise opportunity is especially enticing because the population is aging fast, fueling a higher demand for elder care. Not only is home care a more appealing choice for seniors (most of whom prefer to age in place), but it’s also a more affordable choice for many families. In addition, families won’t soon forget how devastating the pandemic has been for residential care homes.


One of the most daunting parts of starting your own business is having to do everything on your own. With the right senior care franchise opportunity, you’ll be running the show, but with access to a robust support system you can call upon at any time.

Franchisee satisfaction

What is it actually like to run a franchise? Franchise Bureau Review conducts an independent satisfaction survey with thousands of franchise owners each year to gauge how happy they are with their specific franchise, their franchisor, their profits, and their decision to buy.

Year after year, franchise owners with Visiting Angels have reported some of the highest satisfaction rates, ranking it among the top franchise opportunities in any industry.

Personal connection

After years in the corporate world, opening a senior care franchise gives you the opportunity to do meaningful work and connect deeply with the community you serve. In this field, you’ll be engaging with and supporting families as they face some of their greatest challenges and fears. You’ll also develop relationships with clients that can last for years.

Find Out More About Franchising with Visiting Angels

While there are many benefits to trading in your corporate job for a senior care franchise opportunity, only you can determine whether this is the best path for you.

To start, reach out to Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189 to learn more about our senior care franchise opportunities and what buying a franchise really entails. You can also request further information online.