What Attracts Caregivers to a Home Care Franchise?
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What Attracts Caregivers to a Home Care Franchise?

Given the historically high demand for home care services right now, there has never been a better time to own a home care franchise. Despite this, many franchisees in the home care sector report struggling, not with low demand for their services, but with a low supply of caregivers.

Many home care agencies face a caregiver shortage. While demand for home care has never been stronger, finding caregivers to support that care need is a constant challenge. Add that to high rates of burnout and turnover, and you’ll quickly grasp the number one problem faced by today’s home care businesses.

Yet when you look at the most successful home care franchises, you’ll find these businesses have no trouble attracting and retaining great caregivers. Many of these businesses include Visiting Angels franchises, such as Visiting Angels Mid-Eastern Shore.
How do these franchises attract and retain top caregivers? Usually through a combination of the following strategies:


Better Pay

The number one way to attract skilled care staff should come as little surprise: pay them more money.
While many agencies insist that they cannot afford to pay their staff higher rates, the numbers often tell a different story. In fact, your home care franchise could end up saving money by increasing caregiver compensation.
That’s because the agencies that pay higher rates tend to have much lower rates of turnover among caregivers.This dramatically reduces their recruitment and onboarding costs. 
At the same time, it allows them to attract better staff and provide more consistent care. In turn, this allows them to charge higher rates and do a better job of client retention.


Scheduling Flexibility

Caregivers work some of the longest and toughest hours of any profession. 
To an extent, this is an unavoidable part of the job. But many agencies push care staff to their limits by scheduling care according to the agency’s needs, with little regard for staff well-being. This drives talented caregivers away and makes it hard to hire new ones.
As a home care franchise owner, you can avoid this by giving caregivers latitude when it comes to scheduling.
Flexible scheduling usually involves a degree of compromise between the agency and the caregiver. But if you can accommodate your staff’s scheduling concerns, this will allow them to work a more manageable and sustainable schedule. In the end, this benefits your caregivers, your agency, and your clients.


Caregiver Support

Caregiver burnout is usually discussed as a phenomenon among unpaid family caregivers. But anyone who works at a home care franchise can tell you that the risk of burnout is real for professionals too. 
Between the long hours, the physical demands, and the emotional toll of caregiving, home care workers face tough conditions. That’s why successful home care agencies go out of their way to support care staff, giving them the opportunities they need to manage the pressures of caregiving.


Positive Culture

Home care workers do some of the most important and impactful work of any profession. Yet many caregivers feel undervalued and underappreciated at work. This alone is a significant contributor to the high rates of burnout and turnover among professional caregivers.
As a home care franchise owner, you can make a big difference simply by creating a positive and appreciative workplace culture. Finding ways to show caregivers how much they matter, being attentive to their needs and concerns, and giving them space to unwind can go a long way toward attracting skilled caregivers and curbing turnover among your staff.
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