Why We’re One of the Top Franchises for Innovation
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Why We’re One of the Top Franchises for Innovation

Successful franchise brands aren’t built by standing still. As franchise brands expand, their resources and infrastructure must keep pace. And as markets evolve, top franchises adapt with innovative practices.

As one of the top franchises in the senior care market, Visiting Angels® is keenly aware of the need for innovation. Over the past decade, the demand for senior care has been rising at an ever-faster rate. In response, we’ve adapted our services and systems. At the same time, we’ve created support systems and infrastructure that allow our franchisees to keep ahead of the curve.

Our efforts recently earned us a place on the Franchise Business Review’s list of Top Franchises for Innovation. Out of the 100 top franchises on this list, Visiting Angels was the 16th highest rated franchise for innovative practices.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how Visiting Angels achieved this honor, beating out several top franchises from other industries.

Top Franchises Built on Culture of Innovation

At Visiting Angels, we know that innovation doesn’t happen all by itself. Innovation needs to be cultivated. This takes a forward-thinking mindset and a culture of creative solutions and collaborative thinking.

That’s a challenge for many franchise brands. Franchisors sometimes resist making changes to tried-and-tested systems and processes. Many also struggle to create open lines of dialogue and support between franchisees. This stifles the open exchange of ideas from which innovation emerges. It also makes it harder for franchisors to shared innovative practices and systems with their franchisees.

We’ve worked hard to avoid these problems at Visiting Angels. Despite the fact that senior care is less prone to disruption than other industries, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve our services and franchise operations.

Just as importantly, we share our findings with franchisees in a range of different ways. Our Angels Resource Center (ARC) intranet gives Visiting Angels owners immediate access to franchise resources and materials. We also host annual franchisee retreats, which include a carefully curated series of workshops and guest speakers.

Our ARC network and annual retreats also encourage dialogue between franchisees. Visiting Angels has long been considered one of the top franchises for community, communication, and collaboration among franchisees. Our franchisees are eager share their first-hand experiences with one another and our corporate office. This makes it much easier to identify emerging trends, share process improvements, and develop new service offerings.

Innovative Senior Care Service Offerings

If you’re looking for an example of our innovative practices, we suggest starting with our Life Care Navigation™ program.

Ten years ago, demand for senior care was lower than it is today. That limited the number of service offerings at most agencies. But with the Baby Boomer retirement wave, demand for senior care is surging. And demand for specialized types of senior care are on the rise as a result.

To meet this demand, Visiting Angels developed Life Care Navigation™. This collection of senior care services includes basic services like companion care and personal care. But it also includes more specialized forms of care, like post-hospital transitional care and assistance with digital technologies.

Without support from a franchisor, most senior care agencies could not afford to develop these service offerings on their own. But our franchisees can easily offer these services with the help of detailed service and training modules. In markets with sufficient demand for specialized senior care, our franchisees can set themselves apart from the competition.

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