Elder Care Franchise Opportunities
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The Cooperative Benefits of Our Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

One of the features that sets Visiting Angels® apart from other elder care franchise opportunities is the cooperative nature of our franchise network.

Ask around, and you’ll find that most franchise organizations lack the extensive levels of communication and cooperation that you’ll find between Visiting Angels franchisees. In a typical franchise network, owners share costs for centrally managed aspects of the franchise organization, like national advertising, and they occasionally meet for training sessions and conferences. But in terms of close relationships and support between franchisees, most organizations lack this level of peer-to-peer cooperation.

We do things differently at Visiting Angels. Here, new franchisees quickly feel part of the Visiting Angels family. By encouraging a sense of community, collegiality, and collaboration between franchise owners, we’ve created an elder care franchise opportunity in which franchisees mutually benefit from one another’s support.

Supportive Elder Care Franchise Opportunities

The Visiting Angels elder care franchise network encourages communication and cooperation between franchise owners in a number of different ways. In fact, many of our franchisees will tell you that this is one of the first things that sets our elder care franchise opportunity apart.

When prospective franchisees contact us for information about our elder care franchise opportunities, we put them in contact with existing franchise owners, who are more than willing to provide advice and guidance. Many new franchisees build mentor relationships with established franchise owners this way, giving them another voice they can turn to during the early days of franchise ownership.

New Visiting Angels owners have further opportunities to build these kinds of intra-organizational relationships during training and orientation. First-time franchisees participate in group training sessions together, where they have the opportunity to bond with other first-time franchisees. These relationships, too, are carried forward. They can be particularly valuable early on, giving you a group of professional peers who are going through the new franchisee experience at the same time as you are.

Cooperation & Collaboration Among Franchisees

As an organization, Visiting Angels is committed to fostering these kinds of early relationships as well as encouraging new ones among our franchisees. We do this via a range of different initiatives designed to foster virtual and in-person contact between franchisees.

The Angels Resource Center (ARC) is a social media network open exclusively to Visiting Angels franchisees. Through ARC, Visiting Angels franchise owners from across the country can discuss franchise ownership among one another, trade tips on effective franchise operations, share industry news related to senior home care, and engage in friendly discussions about other, non-business-related topics.

Meanwhile, our annual retreats allow franchise owners to meet face-to-face every year. Every year, our retreat brings hundreds of Visiting Angels franchise owners together from across the country. These multi-day events include franchisee conferences and business-builder workshops, as well as speaking series hosted by Visiting Angels directors, business experts, and franchise owners from within the Visiting Angels network. These events are the perfect place to bond with fellow Visiting Angels franchisees, trade tips on successful franchise operations, and develop ongoing professional relationships.

The Benefits of Cooperative Franchising

What does all of this mean for someone considering an Visiting Angels elder care franchise opportunity? For one thing, it means you won’t be on your own. The family atmosphere of the Visiting Angels network — combined with the personalized support that franchisees receive from our regional directors — ensures that new franchisees feel supported from the start.

It also means that you’ll stay on top of an evolving industry. One of the biggest benefits to our cooperative approach is the information shared by franchisees. Our franchisees are quick to share information about market conditions, innovative technologies, new regulations, and other changes to the elder care industry. The cooperative nature of our franchise network helps all of our franchisees stay up-to-date on industry developments and respond in a growth-positive manner.

Discover the cooperative benefits of an elder care franchise opportunity with Visiting Angels. Call 800-365-4189 or contact us online for detailed information on our elder care franchise opportunities.