How Our In-Home Care Business Gives Back
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How Our In-Home Care Business Gives Back

Running an in-home care business is rewarding and makes a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. While we’re proud to be one of the most trusted in-home care providers, our commitment to quality home care extends even beyond our care services.

The elderly population is growing rapidly, placing greater strain on families. Our franchise locations across the country help people age in place, but our efforts don’t stop there.

Our In-Home Care Business Makes Care More Accessible

At Visiting Angels®, we believe everyone should have access to exceptional in-home care.We support our franchisees in providing flexible, affordable in-home care for their clients.

Just as we recognize the role families play in senior care, we also recognize the tireless efforts of local organizations. In addition to our home care services, we have founded the non-profit Visiting Angels Foundation to seek out and partner with community groups providing vital services for seniors.

We believe a family’s finances should never prevent seniors from aging in comfort and dignity. However, many families can’t afford the costs of care, particularly for seniors with advance or prolonged care needs.

Through our foundation, we help local organizations secure funding for senior services so more families can receive the support they need. We also act as a resource for research and support.

Our aim as a company is to promote the well-being of seniors while easing the demands placed on America’s families. As well as partnering with local groups, we share tips and information to help caregivers navigate their role. We also direct family caregivers to other beneficial organizations and programs that can be of assistance. 

What This Means for Your Visiting Angels Franchise

It takes dedication and drive to start a business, whether you’re launching a new endeavor or investing in an existing franchise. Choosing a business with a mission you believe in will help set you up for success.

As a current or prospective franchise owner with Visiting Angels, you can take pride in the work you do every day. You can also feel confident the in-home care business you’ve partnered with is truly committed to its cause.

We give back to community groups because we want what’s best for the countless individuals who need in-home care. For that same reason, we’re fully committed to supporting our franchise owners.

From our initial training and personalized support to our resource center for franchisees, we’ll provide the resources you need to manage your in-home care business. You’ll have everything you need to successfully help the most vulnerable members of your community.

To find out more about how we give back, or about opening your own in-home care business, call Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189 or request details online.