Own a Home Care Business in Texas
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Own a Home Care Business in Texas

Interested in owning your own business in Texas? Starting a new venture can be risky, especially if you pick the wrong field. Buying a home care business is an appealing option for any aspiring business owners. Not only is this a profitable industry with a rapidly expanding market, but it can also be life-changing for the clients that you’ll serve.

Texas is an attractive place to start a home care business thanks to its vast population and its business-friendly tax policies. It has the second largest population of any state in the union, with 28,995,881 residents per the last U.S. census. Its population has grown by 15.3% since 2010 and shows no sign of slowing down.

According to the census, just under 13% of Texas residents are 65 years or older, which indicates a significant market for home care services. Read on to find out about our available franchising options in this formidable state.

Our Home Care Business Opportunities in Texas

At Visiting Angels®, we have several home care business opportunities across the Lone Star State, including resale options and new territories.

Resale Opportunities

As we’ve covered in a piece about the pros and cons of resale franchises, buying an existing territory means you’ll inherit the staff, processes, and existing client base established by the previous owner.

Our resale opportunities in Texas include franchises in the following cities:

  • Houston
    Houston is the largest city in Texas. Of the reported 2,320,268 people who call this metropolis home, 10.5% were 65 or older as of last year. This existing territory also covers Dickinson, Pasadena, Kemah, Deer Park, Friendswood, League City, Webster, Pearland, and Seabrook.

  • San Antonio
    San Antonio is another massive market. Between the 2010 and 2019 census, the city grew by 16.7% to a total of 1,547,253 residents. Its elderly population accounts for 12% of that figure. This location also serves neighboring Helotes.

  • Missouri City
    This city has a significantly smaller population of 75,457 based on the last census, but a greater percentage of elderly residents at 13.5%. Since 2010, its population has increased by approximately 13% as well. This location also serves Stafford and parts of Houston.

New Territories

When you buy a home care business in a new territory, you have the freedom to set up your own processes and hire your own staff. You’ll also have to build your own client base — with ample support from the Visiting Angels corporate team.

We have many promising new territories throughout the state, including:

  • Kingsville
    Home to 25,315 people, Kingsville is a great place to establish your home care business. Seniors account for 12% of the population. From this base, you can also serve clients in many neighboring communities such as Pleasanton, Kenedy, Floresville, Calliham, Riviera, Three Rivers, Campbellton, Whitsett, Christine, George West, La Vernia, Corpus Christi, Jourdanton, Poth, Oakville, Pleasanton, Tilden, Elmendorf, Tuleta, and Falls City, among others.

  • Laredo
    Right along the border with Mexico, Laredo has a population of 262,491 and has grown by 11.3% since 2019. Older adults make up 9.2% of the population according to the census. Approximately 10% of residents under the age of 65 have some form of disability that may require home care.

  • Livingston
    We have two new territories available serving the greater Livingston area and the surrounding communities. The census states that 15.9% of the population in Livingston is over the age of 65. These locations also serve several other municipalities in the area, such as Cleveland, Coldspring, Goodrich, Willis, Warren, Conroe, and Splendora.

  • Texarkana
    Previously, we’ve explored why the Texarkana region is an ideal location to start a home care business. On the Texan side, Texarkana has a population of 36,317. Of that number, 15.2% are seniors. From this location, your territory would also include Omaha, Clarksville, Hooks,Gilmer, Annona, Atlanta, Avery, Bivins, Bloomburg, De Kalb, Douglassville, Linden, Marietta, Simms, Maud, Naples, Nash, New Boston, Queen City, Avinger, Daingerfield, Diana, Jefferson, Harleton, and Hughes Springs.

Learn More About Our Franchise Locations in Texas

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