What Kind of Support Can I Expect with a Home Care Franchise?
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What Kind of Support Can I Expect with a Home Care Franchise?

When you start a home care franchise — whether with Visiting Angels® or another home care brand — franchisor support is crucial. You’ll need help understanding the systems that come with your franchise. You’ll need assistance when it comes time to acquire licensing. And you’ll need guidance as you develop and build out your business.

With the right franchisor, you can expect robust support. But with the wrong brand, it’s easy to feel like you’re working alone.

At Visiting Angels, we know how valuable support can be for new franchisees. So, when you buy a Visiting Angels home care franchise, here’s what kind of support you can expect.

Home Care Franchise Support with Visiting Angels

Franchisee Training

Visiting Angels offers rigorous training to every new franchisee. After purchasing your home care franchise, you’ll be scheduled for an intensive, week-long training session at our corporate headquarters.

During training, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of running your home care franchise, with instruction from our industry experts. We cover everything you need to start and operate a Visiting Angels franchise, from incorporating, to licensing, to back office systems.

Our training program was designed for franchisees with all levels of experience. So even if you’re new to business ownership or the home care industry, we have you covered.

Licensing Assistance

Most states require licensing for home care providers. So if you’re starting a home care franchise, you’ll need to acquire any necessary licensing.

Unfortunately, licensing standards vary from one state to the next. A home care franchise in Missouri, for example, will require a different type of licensing than one in Pennsylvania.

That’s where a franchisor like Visiting Angels can make a big difference.

Visiting Angels boasts 20+ years of experience and locations in all 50 states. So we’re familiar with licensing standards across the U.S. When you’re getting started with your home care franchise, we can guide you through the licensing process, ensuring your franchise is compliant with all regulations.

Business Development

Starting a business is demanding work. But with the right home care franchise, developing your business can become a lot easier. The best franchise brands provide robust support for business development, guiding franchisees through the early stages of business ownership.

At Visiting Angels, this early support is provided through our regional directors. Most of our franchisees conduct weekly phone conferences as they develop their business. These meetings typically start at the completion of training, and run through the opening of their franchise continuning to the point where franchisees feel comfortable running things solo. Even when you pass the point where weekly meetings are necessary, we’ll still be here to answer questions and offer support.

This allows you to develop your business with input from someone who knows the home care industry inside out and who’s knowledgeable about Visiting Angels systems.

Ongoing Support

Developing your business is typically the most challenging part of starting a home care franchise. But even after you’ve opened your agency, you’ll continue to have questions and face challenges.

With Visiting Angels, it’s easy to navigate these scenarios. That’s because our regional director maintain high-touch relationships with our franchisees.

We’re available by phone or email at all times, serving as a crucial resource for our franchisees. Whenever you need an answer to a difficult question or a solution to a tricky situation, you’ll know exactly where to turn.

Franchisee Community

Many franchise brands provide new franchisees with guidance and assistance at the corporate level. But with Visiting Angels, support also comes from your fellow franchisees.

With a number of other brands, franchisees rarely interact with one another. But that’s not the case at Visiting Angels. We’ve worked hard to create a positive and supportive community among Visiting Angels owners. In fact, we’ve scored some of the highest marks of any franchise brand in this area.

Want to learn more about the support you’ll receive with a Visiting Angels home care franchise? Call 800-365-4189 or contact us online to request more information!