Position Your Home Care Franchise for Success
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Position Your Home Care Franchise for Success

If you want to own a business that has a positive impact on your local community and provides the chance to make a difference for those in need, you may want to consider purchasing a home care franchise.

At Visiting Angels®, our priority is to set our franchisees up for success. By giving them marketing and operations support that helps their businesses thrive, we ensure our franchisees are able to provide the best care possible for their care recipients. As we have years of experience in the senior care industry, we know exactly what it takes to offer personalized care that promotes the quality of life of both seniors and their family members.

Since 1998, our franchise has provided entrepreneurs with a proven business model that offers a pathway to financial independence as well as a rewarding career. The percentage of seniors in our population is increasing daily, meaning, now more than ever, there is a major need for reliable home care. We help franchisees tap into that need as they deliver high-quality services designed to make living at home safer, more comfortable, and more fulfilling for seniors and those with disabilities.

Learn more about what families look for in a senior home care service and how we’ll assist you with running a care agency that fits those requirements.

What Families Look for in Senior Home Care

It can be incredibly heart wrenching to watch a loved one encounter age-related issues that make day-to-day living a challenge. Being unable to find a reliable home care service to assist with their needs only adds to this feeling of despair.

That’s why access to home care is so important for families throughout the country. Here are the specific qualities families often seek out as they compare different home care agencies in their area.


While families only want the very best for their loved ones, they’re typically limited to the home care options they can actually afford. By making affordability a priority, you’re making it possible for more families in your community to take advantage of your services.

One of the best ways to remain affordable is to focus on customization. Our home care franchises design personalized care plans for each and every client. This ensures they only receive the specific services they need, precisely when they need them most.


Families need to know their loved ones are in safe hands at all times. To help clients maintain total peace of mind about our services, all our home care franchises are bonded, licensed, and insured.

In addition, we encourage franchisees to match seniors with caregivers whose personalities and scheduling availability are totally compatible, ensuring they’ll always be a reliable partner in care.

Range of Services

It’s not uncommon for seniors’ needs to change drastically over time. In order to be there throughout the ups and downs of aging, it’s important for home care agencies to offer a comprehensive range of senior care services.
Visiting Angels franchises offer a collection of specialized senior care programs called Senior Life Care Navigation™. This collection includes programs dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease, fall prevention, personal care, and other challenges elderly adults often face as they age.

How We’ll Help Your Home Care Franchise Thrive

We understand exactly what families are looking for in home care. We’ll work to provide you with all the resources you need to run a home care agency that meets those needs.

It all starts with a week of initial training at our corporate office. During this training, you’ll begin acquiring the skills needed to build a successful business based on providing compassionate care to seniors in need. Of course, you don’t have to worry about internalizing every detail in this one week. You’ll always have the opportunity to benefit from ongoing training and access to our vast library of resources.

You’ll also undergo one-to-one consultations with our Operations Team. Our goal is to provide you with personalized assistance that will help you approach location-specific issues with the advantage of our years of experience. For example, we can help your agency acquire all the appropriate licensing for your state and will assist with the process of becoming bonded and insured.

As a franchisee, you’ll be kept up-to-date with industry trends thanks to our twice-monthly teleconference training.

These webinars touch on issues ranging from company developments to continuing education and industry insights.

In addition, you can always refer to our Q&A Library and Extranet website if you ever have questions about creating customized care plans, making caregiver matches, or providing care according to industry standards.

Most importantly, we help make it possible for families in your area to find your home care agency. We advertise on major national media outlets across the country, and also provide franchisees with customized websites targeted to their local markets. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of qualified leads distributed directly from our 24-hour call center.

Learn more about how Visiting Angels can set your home care franchise up for success. Simply give us a call at 866-718-0434 today or use our online contact form to request additional information.