Visiting Angels Franchise Satisfaction Ratings
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Visiting Angels Franchise Satisfaction Ratings

Investing in a Visiting Angels® franchise could be the perfect opportunity to run your own business in a rewarding and rapidly expanding industry. But you don’t have to take our word for it — find out what our franchise owners have to say.

Franchise Business Review is an independent market research firm that evaluates franchising opportunities to provide valuable insights for current and aspiring entrepreneurs based on franchise owner feedback. In 2018, they released an in-depth report on franchisee satisfaction with Visiting Angels.

To give you a better understanding of what it’s like to run a Visiting Angels franchise, let’s delve into the results.

How Franchisees Feel About The Visiting Angels Franchise

In the introduction of the Visiting Angels Franchisee Satisfaction Summary Report, Franchise Bureau Review President Michelle Rowan notes that “Satisfaction is one of the most critical factors every entrepreneur should consider before investing in a franchise.”

The basis for the report is a survey of more than 40 questions covering several aspects of running a franchise, from the day-to-day operations to general perceptions of the franchisor and its values.

Franchise Bureau Review invited all Visiting Angels franchise owners to participate and received feedback from 290 franchise owners. Subsequent ratings were compiled based on a 5 point scale. Visiting Angels received an overall satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5, with franchise owners weighing in on seven categories.

The first category related to the training and support provided by Visiting Angels. This includes the technology used, the communication between franchisor and franchisee, and the marketing and promotional programs provided by the franchisor. Visiting Angels received a 4.1. rating.

Second, respondents rated Visiting Angels’ franchise system including its operational procedures and systems, the services provided, its competitiveness in their local market, and its openness to innovation. Visiting Angels received a 4.2 average rating.

Franchise owners also gave Visiting Angels a 4.2 rating for its leadership, taking into account the company’s vision, its culture, the role franchise owners play in the company’s direction, and how effectively senior management is driving the business.

On questions relating to the company’s core values, franchise owners gave Visiting Angels a 4.5 rating, indicating a high level of trust and respect for the company, and a positive relationship overall.

Franchise owners were also asked to share their perceptions of the franchisee community. With an average rating of 4.4, respondents shared that most franchisees were actively engaged with the Visiting Angels community, and are supportive of the brand, the management, and other franchise owners.

With a 4.4 rating, respondents also expressed they enjoyed operating their franchises and being a part of the Visiting Angels community, and they felt valued by the company.

From a financial perspective, franchise owners rated Visiting Angels a 4.0 for the fairness of its fees, the investment required, their current financial situations, and their expectations for long-term growth.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for prospective investors, Visiting Angels franchise owners expressed their general satisfaction with the franchise, and said they would recommend it to others with a 4.7 rating.

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