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Visiting Angels Home Care Franchise Receives Industry Accolades

As one of the country’s leading home care franchises, we are tremendously proud to announce that Visiting Angels® has received a number of industry accolades in a new report conducted by the Franchise Business Review.

As this report was compiled on research from an independent survey performed among thousands of franchise owners, it offers unique insight into how franchisees feel about our brand and their satisfaction and performance as owners of a Visiting Angels franchise location.

The Franchise Business Review (FBR) is a research firm that publishes yearly rankings of top franchises in its Guide to Today’s Top Franchises. FBR also releases quarterly reports showing rankings of leading franchises in different sectors. This data is incredibly useful for helping entrepreneurs make more informed purchase decisions when considering working with potential franchise brands.

Our Home Care Franchise’s Recent Awards

Visiting Angels received not one, but eight prestigious awards in the FBR’s 2022 report. Below we provide a quick overview of these exciting accolades and what they reveal about the satisfaction and performance of our franchise family.

Best in Category

To determine the winner of this award, franchisees from more than 300 franchise brands were surveyed about their experience with their franchise system. Satisfaction ratings for critical aspects of the franchise including:

  • Training
  • Support with operations
  • Assessment of the financial opportunity of franchise ownership

Top Low-Cost Franchises

Franchisees from over 135 affordable franchise brands were surveyed to determine the winners of this award. Affordable brands are those that required investments below $100,000 at the time the FBR survey was conducted. The brands that received this accolade, including Visiting Angels, were those that received high ratings of franchisee satisfaction.

Most Profitable Franchises

This award focuses on franchisees’ answers to questions regarding their annual income and the minimum startup capital required to open their franchise location. Other factors such as satisfaction with the franchisor and whether they would recommend the brand to other entrepreneurs were also considered.

Top Recession-Proof Franchises

We know entrepreneurs have to consider numerous variables when purchasing a franchise. The potential for a recession and whether the business would survive difficult economic times are often concerns most worrying to potential owners.

This award helps underline a Visiting Angels home care franchise is an excellent option for those looking for a solid franchise investment. As a recession-proof franchise, choosing Visiting Angels means you can limit your risk in becoming a business owner. The market for the services of a home care franchise will remain in demand in times of both prosperity and economic hardship.

Top Franchises for Women

More than 8,000 female franchise owners participated in the FBR’s research on the top franchises for women. As one of the top-rated franchises in this category, we are excited to celebrate the success of female entrepreneurs. We will continue to provide women with opportunities that allow them to follow their passion for business ownership while helping others.

Top Franchises for Veterans

Over 2,500 veterans were surveyed by the FBR to better understand their satisfaction with their chosen franchisor. At Visiting Angels, we are proud to provide exciting home care franchise opportunities for veterans. We are honored to be a leading choice for veterans interested in making a positive impact on their communities through the work they do in their civilian lives.

Most Innovative Franchises

The FBR considered data from more than 30,000 franchisees spanning a time period of a year and a half. Franchisees were questioned about their perception of the innovation and creativity of the franchise brand. They were also asked about their level of trust and overall satisfaction with the franchisor, as well as their likelihood to recommend purchasing a franchise from the brand.

Top Franchise Culture

The Top Franchise Culture award goes to franchise brands who received the top overall ratings from 12 of 33 benchmark questions centered around franchisees’ understanding of the brand vision and the team culture of the franchise. The honesty and integrity of the franchisor-franchisee relationship and the support provided to franchisees is also a consideration for this award.

Are you interested in getting started with a home care franchise opportunity from a franchise brand recognized for its innovation, profitability, and positive culture? Reach out to the franchising team at Visiting Angels by calling us at 800-365-4189 or contacting us online to learn more!