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How to Know Which is the Best Franchise To Own

Buying a franchise is one of the most efficient ways to enter a new industry or finally be your own boss. By following this path, you can dictate when and how you work, while still benefiting from a clear, established framework. How, though, can you determine the best franchise to own?

At Visiting Angels®, we’ve helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs answer this question. The answer is different for everyone since the best franchise to own for you depends on your interests, your community, your finances, and many other variables.

Determining the Best Franchise to Own for You

To help you narrow down your options for the best franchise to own, let’s delve into some of the most important factors to consider.

Personal Motivators

First, think about what drives you as a professional and a person. This is your chance to shape your work life more than ever before.

What do you want your day-to-day to look like? What kind of work would you find most fulfilling? Are you primarily profit-driven, or do you want to make a significant impact on your customers?

Community Demand and Profit Potential

Next, consider the needs in your community. What services seem the most in demand or are clearly lacking in your area? What are the demographics? Back up your observations by checking census records and researching trends in population and consumer behavior.

If you already have an industry in mind, like senior care, look into all the care providers in your area. Find out what holes a new provider can fill and how your franchise location can become an invaluable resource to the community.

Financial Requirements

Once you’ve decided on a particular industry, you’re ready to uncover the best franchise to own in that field. Consider your financial situation and how much you’d be willing or able to invest up front.

To join a franchise network, you’ll need to pay an initial franchise fee and recurring royalties, which will be a specific percentage of your profits. Avoid the trap of deceptively low startup costs accompanied by high royalty fees. With this model, you will likely end up paying much more over time.

Franchise System

Hand in hand with the financial considerations is the franchise system itself. Namely, what will you get for your money?

Explore what kind of support the franchisor provides, such as training, equipment, lead generation, marketing materials, and consultations. Do they offer protected territories to prevent intra-franchise competition?

Look into the franchisor’s overall approach as well. Do they seem too intrusive or too hands off for your liking? How much franchisor involvement would you prefer?

Franchisor Reputation

Lastly, consider the reputation of the franchise. The best franchise to own should be well-regarded by franchise owners and clients alike.

One of the key benefits of buying a franchise is name recognition, so look up customer reviews before you commit. For the franchisee perspective, you can check industry publications like Franchise Business Review for the inside scoop.

Or, if there are any locations nearby, visit a franchise and ask the owner yourself!

What Makes Visiting Angels a Top-Tier Franchise

The population is getting older and families across the country are feeling the strain with millions of people already acting as family caregivers.

If you’re looking for meaningful work in a profitable sector with ample room for growth, consider buying a senior care franchise with Visiting Angels. In this field, you have the chance to really get to know your community. You can also see firsthand what a difference your efforts make.

Visiting Angels has been providing quality home care services for more than 20 years. In that time, our franchise network has grown to more than 600 locations across the country. To clients, our name is synonymous with compassionate care. Meanwhile, we’re ranked among the best in the business based on franchisee reviews.

To find out what makes Visiting Angels the best franchise to own, call us today at 800-365-4189 or request details online.