How to Evaluate A Home Care Franchise Opportunity
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How to Evaluate A Home Care Franchise Opportunity

If you’ve decided to pursue a home care franchise opportunity, we congratulate you. Not only are you making a sound financial investment, but you’ll be doing tremendous good for the community you serve.

Home care is one of the most sought-after services today thanks to the swelling elderly population and the widespread preference for aging in place. As the demand has risen, so have the number of home care franchise opportunities to choose from. So how do you determine which opportunity is best for you?

Factors to Review for Any Home Care Franchise Opportunity

As well as profit margins and market shares, think about what you want your work day to look like and who you want to work with. Remember, this is your chance to choose a company and a franchise model that works for you.

When evaluating any home care franchise opportunity, you should consider both the practical aspects of their proposal and how each franchise aligns with your personal preferences and views.

For example, some important factors to consider for each franchise include:

  • Company values
    What does the franchisor stand for? How do they interact with their franchisees and clientele? What is their approach to the work in general? Do their proclaimed values align with your approach to home care.

  • Flexibility
    How much independence would you have as a franchise owner? Would you have the freedom to dictate your work schedule, hire as you choose, and run your business as you see fit?

  • Costs and profitability
    What are the initial startup costs for a new franchise? What are the average profit margins for franchise owners and how soon can you expect to see that type of revenue?

  • Range of services
    Home care can take many forms, so what types of care can you provide as part of each franchise? Will you be able to appeal to the widest possible market and retain clients as their needs change?

  • Support offered
    What kind of support does the franchisor provide for new franchise owners? What resources will you have at your disposal to start, manage, and expand your business?

  • Satisfaction of current franchisees
    How do existing franchise owners feel about this opportunity? How do they perceive their franchisor, their financial prospects, and their day-to-day satisfaction with their work?

Learn More About Partnering with Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels® is a nationally recognized home care provider that has been franchising since 1998. We have more than 600 active franchises in North America owned by dedicated, compassionate, and entrepreneurs like you.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve built a reputation for our comprehensive home care services among our clients. We’ve also been recognized for our franchising model and our general business practices as a franchisor.

Our franchisees have consistently ranked Visiting Angels as a leading home care franchise opportunity in the field, per an annual independent survey by Franchise Business Review.

As a franchise owner with Visiting Angels, you’ll benefit from extensive training and ongoing support as you launch and expand your own franchise location. You’ll also become part of a vast and incredibly collaborative network of fellow franchise owners.

To find out more about this home care franchise opportunity, contact Visiting Angels today. You can request information online or call 800-365-4189 to speak to a representative.