Best Franchise to Own?
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Best Franchise to Own?

If you’re looking for the best franchise to own, you’re probably already familiar with the general benefits of franchising. One of the things that draws entrepreneurs to franchising is the ability to be your own boss while benefiting from an established system and years of brand-building.

With so many industries and franchisors to choose from, you have an important question to consider. Which franchise will be best to own from a financial perspective and personal one?

Why the Best Franchise to Own is in Home Care

Buying a franchise gives you the chance to call the shots, which starts by identifying a field that is both lucrative and rewarding.

In this post, we’ll explore what makes home care such an appealing industry and why our franchise is one of the best options to own.

Financial Potential

From a financial perspective, owning a home care franchise is incredibly desirable. Market research firm IBISWorld estimates that the market size for 2021 will end up around $95.9bn based on revenue.

Home care has seen substantial growth in the last few years as the nation has experienced a seismic demographic shift that’s still ongoing. According to projections from the U.S. Census Bureau, 20% of the population will be 65 or older by 2030. The projected elderly population in 2050 is nearly double that of 2012.

This shift has spurred a massive rise in demand for senior care options with home care leading the pack. The AARP reports that most older adults across the country cite aging in place as their preference.

Meanwhile, the harrowing reports of COVID-19 taking hold in senior living facilities has raised concerns about residential care. Many families are no longer comfortable considering this type of care for a loved one. Additionally, we are still grappling with the long-term impact of the pandemic. Recent reports of “Long COVID” or “Post-Covid Syndrome” are bringing light to potentially chronic health concerns like brain fog and fatigue. This, too, may drive the demand for in-home care as families face the need to care for those with lingering health concerns.

Our aging population alone is enough to indicate a high demand for home care services for decades to come. The changes in chronic health conditions due to COVID-19 and 26% of Americans of all ages have some form of disability (according to the CDC), it’s easy to see the need for home care will be in high demand for many years to come.

Personal Fulfillment

In addition to the strong economic incentive, home care provides an opportunity to serve sectors of society that are often overlooked — the elderly and individuals with health conditions and disabilities. The pandemic highlighted just how vulnerable these communities are to neglect as well as illness.

As the owner of a home care franchise, you can have a tangible, inarguably positive impact on your community by supporting these groups and providing vital relief for their families. In our view, a home care franchise is the best franchise to own because, by providing essential services, you can also relate to your community in a completely new and deeply meaningful way.

What Makes Visiting Angels the Best Home Care Franchise

At Visiting Angels®, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted home care franchisors in the country, both among clients and our franchise owners.

Visiting Angels is among the best franchises to own because we provide ongoing support to help our franchise owners flourish. With more than 600 active franchises in North America, we’ve established a solid reputation for quality home care — and a vast, highly collaborative network of franchise owners.

As a franchise owner with us, you’ll receive all the equipment and systems you need to get started, as well as ample resources to help you attract clients and grow your business. Our support includes marketing initiatives, lead generation, one-on-one consultations, annual conferences, and more.

To find out for yourself if Visiting Angels is the best franchise to own, contact our team today at 800-365-4189 or request more information online.