Homecare Opportunities Heating up Industry
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Why Homecare Opportunities are Heating Up the Franchise Industry


homecare opportunitiesAccording to a press release from the International Franchise Association, franchise businesses are again expected to exceed the average growth of the U.S. economy in 2015. Homecare franchise opportunities, in particular, continue to be a major driving force of that statistic. One strong indicator is the number of new jobs that are being created within the various homecare franchise opportunities sector.


Why are homecare opportunities heating up the franchise industry in such a consistent manner over the last several years? The answers are here.


A Matter of Demographics

The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation reports that a full quarter of those needing long-term home care needs are aged 85 and older. The majority of the population is getting older as the baby boomers enter the last decades of their lives. Medicine and technology are keeping people alive longer. And the ratio of birth to death rates continues to be heavily one-sided on the side of birth rates. By 2050, the United Nations estimates that the number of people aged over 60 is set to triple, to 2 billion. It’s a simple matter of demographics that more—not less—people are going to require homecare services as time goes on.


Attractive ROI

Compared to opening any other business, homecare franchise opportunities offer one of the most attractive returns on investment. Considering the fact that a typical business can cost in the range of $500,000 to open, with little or no support, homecare franchise opportunities are a smarter choice. Some homecare franchise opportunities require as little as $150,000 to get up and running, and investors are almost guaranteed success because they’re getting into a field that has tremendous need.


Full Support

One intangible benefit of homecare franchise opportunities is the level of support that’s offered. The best home care franchisors offer support in terms of marketing, operations, training, and finance. This has not escaped the notice of cautious investors who are sensitive to the unstable economy we’ve all witnessed in the last years. In a financial environment where nothing feels certain, homecare franchise opportunities provide a safe haven replete with hands-one support and a proven business-model. There seems no safer business investment available today than those offered by homecare franchise opportunities.


Feel-Good Factor

There is an undeniable increase in the number of people who recognize that we are all connected in some way. The swell of people who desire to promote sustainable living, and to help others has grown to epic proportions never seen before. This is likely one reason why more people are being drawn to the homecare business. Those taking advantage of home care franchise opportunities rarely have difficulty finding reliable, hardworking employees to take care of customers. There is a huge pool of professionals and even volunteers who are seeking for ways to help others, and homecare services is one way they can satisfy that need to give. Serving others is a strong motivator and being a part of an industry that helps the aged or infirm to feel better provides a feel-good factor that can’t be found elsewhere.


Freedom of Location

Unlike other businesses that need to be located in a limited choice of areas, homecare franchise opportunities can be situated almost anywhere. Most businesses have some kind of limitations regarding locations. They may need to be near a college campus, a professional office center, within five miles of a major metropolitan city, or something similar. Since homecare services business employees take care of the aged and infirm, they don’t need to be tethered to any specific location. Elderly and disabled persons live everywhere in our society. They reside in apartment buildings, country farmhouses, in-law apartments in suburban neighborhoods, condo high-rises, and more. As such, investors in homecare franchise opportunities are free to choose a franchise location that suits the kind of lifestyle they personally want to live.


Considering all the benefits and signs of growth with homecare franchise opportunities, it’s clear that entering this lucrative industry is a smart decision for interested investors and entrepreneurs. Don’t let this upward trend pass you buy. If you have questions about homecare franchise opportunities, or would like more information, speak to a homecare franchise representative about your options.


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