Franchisee-Friendly Royalties for Your In-Home Care Business
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Franchisee-Friendly Royalties for Your In-Home Care Business


You'll be glad you did your homework! Our royalty is easily the lowest in private duty home care franchising. Our royalty model is based on the volume of your business and enables fees to be reduced to as low as 3% of gross revenues.

in-home care business How about the fine print?

The percentage basis of your royalty payment cannot be increased for as long as you own your franchise (including renewal terms).

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When you own and operate an in-home care business, you’re always keeping an eye on the bottom line. But if your in-home care business is part of a franchise network, you may find your bottom line taking a hit from excessive royalty fees. Luckily, that’s never the case with Visiting Angels. We know how hard you work for your business’s revenues. That’s why we offer low franchise royalty fees, with many of our franchisees paying 3% royalties — less than half of the in-home care industry’s standard 5% royalty rate.

Because You’ve Earned It

At Visiting Angels, it’s our goal to give franchisees everything they need to operate a successful in-home care business. While some other franchise models tempt entrepreneurs with artificially low upfront costs, franchisees end up paying down the line in the form of outsized royalties. Those royalties don’t simply hurt a franchise owner’s pocketbook, they impact the way a franchise owner manages his or her business.

The team at Visiting Angels knows how important those resources are to your business. That’s why we not only offer extensive corporate support to franchisees, but also keep our royalty fees as low as we possibly can. We believe you deserve to see the rewards of your hard work. After all, we know those rewards will help push you even higher.

Our In-Home Care Business Royalty Rates

In-home care businesses that are part of the Visiting Angels franchise network are subject to sliding scale royalty rates. Under our franchise model, the more you earn, the less you pay on every dollar. It’s just one of the small ways we encourage our franchisees to grow their businesses.

  • Royalty Rates Start at 3.5%. This is already a full 1.5% below the standard 5% ongoing royalty rate of other home care franchises.
  • Royalty Rates as Low as 3%. The more revenue your business brings in, the less you pay on every dollar generated by your business, with a floor royalty rate of 3%.
  • No Tiered Royalty Rates. We want you to enjoy your success. You will pay the lowest percentage from your first dollar when you hit the benchmark for a lower royalty rate.

Royalty Rates for In-Home Care Advertising

At Visiting Angels, our franchisees come together to give our brand a well-respected and recognizable voice. Our corporate office runs a series of national ad campaigns, including TV campaigns seen on major networks like Fox News, HGTV, and CNN. These campaigns are funded by ad royalty rates comparable to those with other in-home care franchises. Our ad campaigns have proven a major boost to the visibility and image of Visiting Angels franchises, and they help generate thousands of leads every month for franchisees.

Looking to operate your own in-home care business? If so, Visiting Angels would love to welcome you into our family of franchisees. Contact us today for more information on our franchise opportunities.