Franchises Make Senior Care Regulations More Navigable
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Franchises Make Senior Care Regulations More Navigable

As an entrepreneur, there are few bigger or more frustrating stumbling blocks than regulations. With home care, smart regulation can ensure quality care and protect consumers. But burdensome state regulations can also make it difficult to open a home care business. One way to easily manage those regulations is to open a senior care franchise instead of your own agency.

Franchised senior care companies — like Visiting Angels — simplify regulation and licensing procedures for entrepreneurs hoping to open a senior care business.

20 Years’ Experience with Regulations

At Visiting Angels, our head office has twenty years of experience navigating home care regulations, including federal regulations and state regulations across the United States. That experience is invaluable for new franchisees, many of whom list regulations as the most challenging and confusing part of getting their business off the ground.

Some of the regulatory issues that the Visiting Angels head office can help you understand and approach efficiently include:

  • Federal regulations that your agency needs to follow.
  • State regulations and licensing that your business will need to adhere to.
  • Federal and state regulations for different classifications of senior care.
  • Medicare regulations (if you want your agency to provide Medicare coverage).
  • Veterans affairs regulations (if you want your agency to provide veterans coverage).

Our regulatory assistance for new senior care franchise owners comes in two forms. First, we provide you with broad information about regulations during your one-week training period. After training is complete, the regional director for your area will provide you with one-on-one advice and consultation — offered in person, by phone, and via email — as you work to set up your business. This consultation includes detailed support as your register your business, obtain licensing, and put your agency’s infrastructure in place.

Continued Support & Guidance

At Visiting Angels, our support for senior care franchise owners extends beyond the first months that you’re setting up your business. Our regional directors are always on hand to help agency owners manage challenges and difficulties. For franchisees who want to stay on the cutting edge of our industry — including regulatory changes — we offer yearly retreats where our directors and franchise owners meet to share tips, advice, and detailed talks about the latest changes and advancements in senior care.

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