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4 Quick Facts About Our Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

Thanks to the increasing need for care among the growing elderly population, many entrepreneurs are looking for senior care franchise opportunities as their next career endeavor. Purchasing a franchise location from a top home care brand is a great way to experience the satisfaction of working in the senior care industry. A top brand will also provide the security that comes with a recognized brand name and a trusted reputation backing your new business venture.

Each franchisor has a different approach to positioning their services in the market and working with franchisees. As a result, it’s important for aspiring franchise owners to understand the details of the franchise they plan to purchase.

With facts on hand, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your future and for the elderly adults in your community who you plan to serve through your home care business.

About Our Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

At Visiting Angels®, we aim for transparency at all times when dealing with potential and existing franchisees, as well as our clients. We understand that going into business for yourself comes with risks. We want to make certain you have access to the crucial details you need to conduct the appropriate risk assessments.

By taking these initial steps, you will be on your way towards becoming the satisfied owner of a thriving business. Below we’ve gathered a few key concepts that help to explain what you can expect if you purchase a Visiting Angels franchise.

1. Our initial training program includes 45 hours of instruction

You’ll receive comprehensive training over 45 hours that will provide the information you need to successfully open your Visiting Angels location. Of course, these 45 hours are just the start of an ongoing education in both senior care and business ownership. Throughout your time as a franchise owner, you’ll also have:

  • Access to our experienced team for additional advice
  • The opportunity to attend regular workshops
  • Access to one-on-one and group meetings
  • Access to our Angels Resource Center (ARC)

2. Our senior care franchise opportunities come with a protected territory

As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you’ll have a protected territory spanning as much as a 30-mile radius of the address of the franchise. The initial franchise fee is based on the population of the protected territory, ranging from $49,950 for a population of up to 100,000 to $79,950 for a population of 325,000.

You’ll have the opportunity to purchase a new protected territory or you may opt to purchase an existing location that is for sale by the current franchise owner. Both new and resale locations offer a variety of unique benefits. Ask our team about available options in your area to learn more.

3. Franchisees must provide all of required Visiting Angels services\

At Visiting Angels, we’ve created a model of senior care that is designed to help older individuals through their journey of aging. We know that this journey comes with many ups and downs, as well as diverse care requirements that are unique for each client.

This is why we request our franchise locations offer our full range of services, from personal care and dementia care to respite care and fall prevention and more. By having all of our franchisees consistently providing this diverse variety of services, we can ensure the Visiting Angels name is always associated with a spectrum of care that supports seniors and their families during different life chapters.

4. Our royalty fees decrease with greater sales volumes

Our royalty fees are only 3.5% of revenues, which is quite low when compared to the 5-7% that many other franchisors in the industry charge. Moreover, this royalty fee actually decreases when franchise locations reach a greater sales volume. In this way, we help make certain that our franchisees are always rewarded for their hard work in more ways than one.

Learn more about what makes our senior care franchise opportunities a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to become part of this dynamic industry. Contact the team at Visiting Angels today by calling 800-365-4189, or request additional information online!


Source: The data above is sourced from the 2021 FDD of Visiting Angels.