What It Means to Be Your Own Boss with Visiting Angels
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What It Means to Be Your Own Boss with Visiting Angels

One of the most popular reasons to purchase a franchise business is the chance to be your own boss. But that means different things with different franchisors. Some brands give franchisees a high degree of autonomy. Others expect them to follow a strict, detailed blueprint.

At Visiting Angels®, we provide franchisees with a proven senior care agency model. But this model comes with a lot of flexibility when it comes to building and running your business.

We also provide franchise owners with a leading suite of training opportunities, business assets, support networks, and senior care programs. But it’s up to franchisees which of these resources they use and how they incorporate these resources into their business.

In other words, our owners enjoy the proven systems and rigorous support of a leading franchise brand. But at the same time, our owners enjoy the confidence, the flexibility, and the freedom needed if you want to be your own boss.

Be Your Own Boss as a Visiting Angels Franchise Owner

The chance to be your own boss is rare, even in the world of franchising. If your franchisor holds each franchise unit to unbending standards, you can own your own business, but you won’t have the autonomy you need to truly be your own boss.

That’s not the case with Visiting Angels. With over 20 years’ experience in senior care, we know that quality caregiving doesn’t come from rigid systems. Instead, we believe in personalized care on a client to client basis.

We apply this same philosophy to our franchise units. We know that every market has its own unique character, makeup, and needs. Because of this, the best senior care brands don’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they tailor their operations to each individual market.

This can only happen when agency owners have autonomy, control, and independence. At Visiting Angels, we have confidence in our franchisees and their vision of agency operations. So rather than try to impose a rigid business model onto our franchisees, we provide each franchise owner with the resources they need to build a thriving Visiting Angels franchise, then give them the freedom to build their franchise according to their vision.

Build Your Senior Care Business Your Way and on Your Terms

With a Visiting Angels franchise, you’ll have the opportunity to be your own boss, develop your business according to your own vision, and operate your franchise on your own terms.

Our approach is simple. We offer the components you need to develop a successful care agency, a basic blueprint for building your business, and guidance from our regional directors. But it’s up to you how those components come together, how you choose to modify that blueprint, and how you interact with your regional director.

Here’s a quick look at what it means to be your own boss with a Visiting Angels franchise:

  • You create a custom business plan for your franchise, based around your vision for your agency.
  • You decide the location of your office, the makeup of your staff, and your back-office systems.
  • You choose which care programs to offer, as well as how to price and schedule care visits.
  • You develop local marketing campaigns and branding efforts to distinguish your franchise.
  • You set your own schedule and workflow based around your habits, preferences, and strengths.

Enjoy the Resources and Support of a Leading Senior Care Brand

While a Visiting Angels franchise gives you the chance to be your own boss, it also offers the supports and resources you need to build the agency you’ve envisioned.

These resources start with our name and branding. Visiting Angels is one of the most widely recognized and trusted senior care brands in America. That provides franchisees with an invaluable asset for local marketing and building trust with clients.

At the same time, we offer a range of additional resources, services, and programs to empower our franchise owners, including:

  • We provide franchisees with intensive, in-person training at our corporate HQ.
  • We assist new franchises with licensing and other regulatory requirements.
  • We maintain a list of recommended vendors for services, systems, and supplies.
  • We deliver continuous support to franchisees through our regional directors.
  • We conduct national advertising campaigns via print, radio, TV, and digital media.
  • We offer local marketing materials that can be customized for each location.
  • We host an annual franchisee retreat each year with expert speakers and workshops.

With these resources, you still have the freedom to be your own boss. But at the same time, your business will be backed by some of the strongest systems and resources that our industry has to offer.

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