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Many people looking to open a business find franchising to be the best possible option. A franchise business offers the opportunity to be your own boss, while still having the support of industry experts and fellow business owners. Franchising is a popular option for many entrepreneurs, but finding the franchise that is right for your future and your goals can be challenging.

One of today’s most popular franchise options is the home care franchise. With baby boomers aging and needing assistance at home, home care franchise opportunities abound. It is estimated that over the next 15 years, more than 70 million Americans will reach age 65. While many seniors are healthy and active well into their 70s, this doesn’t diminish the need for at home care services. Many seniors need help preparing meals, getting to appointments or with hygiene concerns. As the number of seniors continues to rise, the need for at home caregivers grows as well.

For many passionate and caring individuals, a home care franchise brings together the benefits of owning a business with the rewards of helping others. Visiting Angels is one of the leading home care franchise offerings today. Visiting Angels was founded in 1998. Our leadership team has been active in the home care industry since the 1980s. Since the beginning, our mission has been to establish caring relationships with our clients and their families. We strive to provide the compassionate and dignified care seniors need so they can continue to live safely at home.

Why do entrepreneurs choose Visiting Angels home care franchise opportunities? The reasons are as varied as our group of franchise owners. Suzanne, a Visiting Angels home care franchise owner in Savannah GA, was drawn to our franchise group during the due diligence phase of her search. “We did look into a few other home care agencies, but I will tell you that after many, many phone conversations with many, many people, the support from Visiting Angels was absolutely by far superior than anybody that we ever spoke to from any other franchise,” explains Suzanne.

At Visiting Angels, we are committed to providing our franchisees with an operations team that is supportive and easy to reach. Each member of our operations team has been working in the home care industry for many years. As franchise owners, hospice workers, health care workers, and in other positions, our operations team has gained years of valuable experience caring for individuals around the country. Experience and a desire to share their knowledge makes the Visiting Angels operations team an invaluable resource to our franchise owners who are starting out as well as those who have been with us for years.

Kelly, a home care franchise owner in Olympia and Tacoma, Washington and Newberg, Oregon, chose Visiting Angels because, “It’s incredibly gratifying to get to give somebody that care that they want so they can stay in their homes and be in the place they love. So, there’s a huge sense of satisfaction in providing care to seniors where they want to be…in their home.”

One of our main goals at Visiting Angels is to provide quality care that makes aging in place possible is. Our home care franchise owners understand the important role they play in the lives of their clients. They strive to provide care that meets the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of their clients. At Visiting Angels, we care about caring. Our most successful home care franchise owners aren’t in it for the monetary return. They are with us because they are passionate about meeting their client’s needs and providing care that is warm, friendly and uplifting.

Regardless of the reason our franchise owners choose Visiting Angels, they find a supportive group of professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. From training to marketing to networking, Visiting Angels provides their franchise owners with all the tools they need to succeed. If you are considering a home care franchise, we encourage you to call (800) 365-4189 to discuss the opportunities we have in your area, or click here to request more information.