Protected Home Care Franchise Territories, Limitless Markets
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Protected Home Care Franchise Territories, Limitless Markets

protected home care franchise territoriesBuying a home care franchise is a major commitment, one that you shouldn’t take lightly. At Visiting Angels, we know that one of the biggest factors in your success as a franchisee will be your territory. Choosing the right territory — and the home care franchise system with the right territory policy — can make or break your business.

That’s part of why Visiting Angels uses a unique territory system that breaks from the traditional franchise mold.

Our territory system offers all the benefits of protected territories, something that is key for an in-home service industry like home care. But our system also comes with certain freedoms, including the ability to service clients outside of your territory without purchasing a second or third territory.

How Our Franchise Territory System Works

We designed our territory system with the franchise owner in mind, which makes it fairly unique in the home care franchise field. Simply put, we wanted to give our franchisees as much freedom to grow their business as possible without sacrificing the essential protections you need as a home care franchise owner.

After all, we know that your success is what drives the success of the Visiting Angels brand.

So while other franchise systems might force you to buy a second or third territory, just to service a handful of extra customers, we make sure that you can grow your business as you see fit — so long as you aren’t impeding on another franchisee’s business.

Here’s the basic breakdown of how this home care franchise territory system works:

  1. When you purchase a home care franchise through Visiting Angels, you purchase a territory with a pre-set population.
  2. You are the exclusive Visiting Angels agency for any customers within your service area. This area is fully protected from our other home care franchise owners.
  3. Additionally, you may service any customers outside your protected territory, so long as they are in your metro area. The only time this is not the case is when doing so would infringe on another Visiting Angels home care franchise’s territory.

This way, your protected territory will keep your business secure without limiting growth in the way that so many other territory systems tend to do.

Learn More About Our Home Care Franchises

Our unique protected territory system is just one of the things that makes Visiting Angels home care franchises so highly regarded. Our affordable upfront costs, low royalty fees, and unparalleled support have seen us named to the top 20% of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 year over year. They also recently saw us named the #1 home care franchise in America, as rated by franchisees.

Find out more about Visiting Angels home care franchise opportunities today. Get in touch with our team for more information.