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What Makes a Visiting Angels In-Home Care Franchise Unique?

At Visiting Angels®, we are proud to have spent years in the senior care industry developing an approach to care that not only makes our in-home care franchise unique, but also provides the high-quality services families are looking for. One of the things that sets our in-home care franchise apart is our Select Your Caregiver® program. This unique approach to care gives families total confidence their loved one is being matched with a caregiver who is the right fit for their care requirements and daily schedule as well as their lifestyle preferences and individual personality.

As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you can look forward to helping families in your local community benefit from this personalized approach to care. Learn more about how Select Your Caregiver plays an important role in the implementation of high-quality home care below.

Our In-Home Care Franchise’s Unique Approach to Caregiver Matches

When families choose to get started with professional senior care, one of the main things they worry about is how their loved one will get along with their new caregiver. Thanks to Select Your Caregiver, you can give your clients peace of mind that their loved one’s comfort and personal preferences will be taken into account when they are paired with a professional caregiver from the Visiting Angels team.

Select Your Caregiver begins with a free consultation at the senior’s home. The purpose of this meeting is to answer family members’ questions, provide details about the logistics of care, and learn more about the senior’s unique situation. Care coordinators seek to get to know seniors and their families on a more personal level during this initial visit. For example, the senior may be asked questions about their daily routine, hobbies, family life, and lifestyle, as well as their social preferences.

The creation of a personal connection with seniors prior to the implementation of care is vital to the Select Your Caregiver process. By gaining an understanding of what makes each senior tick and how they would prefer to spend their golden years, we can lay the foundation for a care match that develops into a genuine relationship.

Each of our independently owned and operated franchise locations are carefully trained to ensure all caregivers hired pass through meticulous background screenings. This thorough vetting process includes court searches at the state, county, and federal district level. Furthermore, we encourage franchisees to gain in-depth knowledge of each caregiver they hire, including their strengths, personality, and industry knowledge and experience. This fundamental understanding helps ensure that every senior is matched with a caregiver who can enrich their home care experience.

More About Our In-Home Care Franchise’s Caregiver Recommendations

Our experience in the in-home care industry has shown us the crucial role the caregiver-client relationship plays in the delivery of senior home care. That’s why we make Select Your Caregiver a focal point of our service offerings.

Families can be sure their loved ones will benefit from working with a caregiver who is:

  • Available to deliver care according to the family’s preferred schedule and the senior’s routine
  • Can approach care in a way that suits the senior’s unique personality and lifestyle
  • Has the skills required to meet specific care requests and deliver the necessary care types
  • Enjoys similar hobbies and interests as the senior, helping foster camaraderie
  • Understands the senior’s specific needs, personal risk factors, and preferences for care

We have built our approach to care according to the philosophy that choice matters. In addition to giving seniors the choice to remain at home as they age, we also want to give them and their families a say in who helps make their choice to age in place possible. As a result, our in-home care franchise has a policy of ensuring families are listened to if they feel the recommended caregiver isn’t the best match for the senior. As part of Select Your Caregiver, care coordinators are always at the ready to make a new caregiver match should families ever request a replacement for the initially selected caregiver.

Learn more about what makes Visiting Angels a unique brand in the home care industry! Just call 800-365-4189 today or request more information online about our exciting in-home care franchise opportunities.