Time to Be Your Own Boss?
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Time to Be Your Own Boss?

At Visiting Angels®, we have supported countless families so their loved ones may live more safely and happily in their own homes. The other accomplishment we’re proud about? We’ve been behind the successful launch of over 600 independently owned and operated businesses across the U.S. Every one of those people gave up working for someone else in favor of working for themselves.

Are you one of them? Do you think it’s time to be your own boss?

Reasons Why You May Be Ready to Be Your Own Boss

It could start as a thought that snowballs into a persistent idea. The catalyst can be anything. Perhaps it begins when you’re sitting on an interminable and unnecessary conference call. Or it could be that you:

  • Are not fulfilled despite the accolades and your climb up the corporate ladder?

  • Are looking for work that is more meaningful and fulfilling?

  • Feel stifled in your current position or with your current employer?

  • Are looking for a company dedicated to supporting and growing its team?

Perhaps you can relate to some or even all of these reasons. If so, you may be ready to be your own boss, and you are not the only one.

According to a recent report by FreshBooks, 27 million Americans are expected to leave corporate America in favor of self-employment by 2020. Another report reveals that three in five, or 62%, of Americans want to own a business. Those are staggering statistics, but perhaps they’ll empower you.

What Are the First Steps to Entrepreneurship?

“To thine own self be true” must be your guiding philosophy. It can be easy to romanticize the opportunity to be your own boss. Yet it is a prospect rife with both freedoms and challenges. You need to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses to be certain you have the fortitude to start and build a business. It can be daunting. You must be passionate about the industry you choose.

For example, you can be quite successful in owning an auto body shop. However, if that skillset and industry are not going to make you eager to get up and start each day, then it is not the business for you. 

So, where should you get started? Make your first step a planning session where you consider questions like:

  • Do I have enough money to sustain myself for a year? 

  • Can I comfortably part with the money for the start-up costs?

  • Am I goal-oriented? 

  • Can I self-start well enough to create and prioritize objectives and then execute them?

  • Do I have the focus, commitment, and vision to realize a solidly founded dream?

  • Do I have effective ways to manage the unavoidable pressures that are part of business ownership?

  • Am I flexible, yet tenacious?

If you can answer a resounding “yes” to the above, it may be time to be your own boss.

Be Your Own Boss with a Visiting Angels Franchise

The beauty of the franchise model is that so many hurdles of starting a new business are removed. When you buy into a franchise, you’ll enjoy benefits that include:

  • Established brand name and reputation

  • Experience and knowledge of the franchisor, staff, and other franchisees

  • Established systems and procedures

  • Marketing and advertising support at the national level

  • National lead generation from your franchisor

Franchising allows you to be your own boss and have the benefits of joining an established business. As a Visiting Angels franchisee owner, you’ll be able to take advantage of our national reputation for providing top-quality home care. You’ll learn from our leadership team who have been working in the home care industry for many years. You’ll have guidance from our Operations teams and can rely on our network of franchisees to help you overcome hurdles so you can grow quickly.

With a Visiting Angels franchise, you’ll be your own boss, but you won’t be alone. Find out if Visiting Angels is the right franchise for you. Learn more about our franchise opportunities by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.