Are Home Care Franchise Opportunities Profitable?
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Are Home Care Franchise Opportunities Profitable?

At Visiting Angels®, we know that profitability is one of the main concerns for prospective franchisees interested in our home care franchise opportunities. Although profits aren’t the only motivating factor driving entrepreneurs in this industry, it’s an important role in the decision-making process.

In addition to wanting to help others through compassionate senior care, business owners in this field are also drawn to the profit potential that home care franchises offer. The available data reveals that home care businesses are one of the most profitable franchise types to buy.

Not only are they part of one of the fastest growing industries thanks to the country’s aging population, but they also generate some of the leading average profits in franchising as a whole.

What is the Profit Potential of a Home Care Franchise Opportunity?

According to the 2021 Research Report of the Franchise Business Review, home care franchises are among the most profitable business types in the franchise industry. The Franchise Business Review is the top market research firm conducting studies on franchising, specifically the satisfaction and performance of franchisees.

The results of their recent report place senior care franchises as the leader of franchise industry average annual incomes. Home care franchise owners typically make an average of $155,132, putting their income above real estate, health and personal services, and other lucrative business types. Moreover, this report lists Visiting Angels in the top 50 most profitable franchises across all industries.

Visiting Angels is one of the top home care franchises in the United States. We have over 500 franchise owners who offer compassionate senior care services under our brand’s name. The average net profit of our franchise businesses ranges from 15 to 18%, while the average gross revenue is $1,300,000. Our highest volume agency boasts a whopping $9,000,000 in gross revenue.

While we take pride in the success of our franchisees, what makes us even more proud is that the real reward these business owners experience comes from the satisfaction of enriching the quality of life of families in need.

We’ve developed a franchise network of like minded individuals who all share a passion for helping others while securing a better financial future for themselves through the fruits of their hard work.

Why Are Home Care Franchise Opportunities So Profitable?

A range of factors go into profitability, and your process for choosing a franchise to purchase should go beyond looking at gross revenue and profit margins. Here are some of the factors that help make home care franchise opportunities such as smart investment:

Relatively Low Upfront Costs

The upfront costs associated with home care franchise opportunities are significantly lower than many other franchise businesses. One reason for this is that unlike brick-and-mortar businesses such as restaurants, fitness centers, and retail stores, home care businesses don’t have costs associated with maintaining an inventory of products or equipment. As a result, home care is often an excellent choice for first-time business owners who want to avoid some of the pitfalls and costs associated with other business types.

A Solid ROI

Home care franchise opportunities offer a great potential for a strong return on the franchisee’s investment thanks to annual profits and in terms of equity over time. Because franchises can generate significant revenue and high annual earnings for business owners, they become valuable assets. They thus often represent an attractive pathway to financial independence for franchisees.

A Growing Market

The market for senior care services will only continue to grow as the Baby Boomer generation ages into their twilight years. In fact, the market is projected to grow to $153.19 billion by 2029. Moreover, this industry is viewed as being resistant to economic recessions thanks to the essential nature of senior care services. No matter what the economy looks like, elderly adults will continue to need compassionate care that helps them live safely at home.

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