5 Keys to Our Success in Home Care Franchising
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5 Keys to Our Success in Home Care Franchising 

Visiting Angels® entered the home care franchising market in 1998, starting with less than 10 locations in southeast Pennsylvania.

Since then, we’ve become one of America’s largest, most trusted, and most successful franchise brands, not just in the home care sector, but across all franchise industries. As of 2019, we are active in all 50 states, with more than 600 locations nationwide. We also have international locations around the world.

What’s behind this success? Like any other brand, our home care franchising success can be chalked up to a long list of factors. But there are five reasons in particular that helped make Visiting Angels the success story that it is today...

The Secrets to Our Home Care Franchising Success

1. Forward-Thinking Vision

Over the past twenty years, we’ve grown the Visiting Angels network steadily and sustainably. Starting with a handful of locations, we slowly developed into a nationally recognized brand and a home care industry leader.

To accomplish this, we’ve maintained a careful focus on long-term growth and brand development. At the same time, we’ve tracked changes to the home care market itself, including changes to demographics and consumer habits.

This approach allowed to become a care provider of choice for the Baby Boomer generation. Our growth strategy tracked with the aging of this generation, and we’ve designed our care offerings to reflect this generation’s preferences for care.

2. Client-Focused Approach

Many investors join the home care industry focused on profits first and clients second. Yet, time and time again, profit-first home care brands find themselves short on profits and clients.

There’s a simple reason for that. In an industry as personal as home care, clients expect and deserve to come first. If you’re not putting your clients’ health and well-being first, they’ll look for care elsewhere.

That’s why brands who adopt a client-first philosophy of care tend to have the most success in home care franchising. And at Visiting Angels, putting seniors first has been a focus of our mandate since day one.

3. Recognition and Reputation

Today, Visiting Angels is one of America’s most recognized and trusted home care brands. This level of recognition and the strength of our reputation have been carefully built over more than 20 years. It’s also proven key to our home care franchising success.

Our reputation is built on a range of factors, including our seniors-first philosophy of care. We also offer a sustainable business model. This allows our franchisees to grow their agencies without threatening the stability of their business. That ensures reliable care for Visiting Angels clients.

At the same time, we’ve cultivated our image through careful branding and national marketing campaigns. Our marketing strategies include print, radio, and digital marketing campaigns, plus national advertising on TV networks like Fox News, HGTV, and CNN.

4. Flexible Franchise Offering

The home care franchise market provides entrepreneurs with a range of offerings. Some of these opportunities come with restrictive stipulations and guidelines. Others give franchisees the latitude they need to build and operate their agencies on their own terms.

At Visiting Angels, we proudly fall into this second category. We value the independence of our franchisees, and we have faith in their vision as agency owners. In fact, this trust is essential to our home care franchising strategy.

Rather than dictate how our franchisees run their locations, we prefer to let them build their businesses their way. We offer a proven blueprint, expert guidance, and an extensive suite of franchisee resources. But at the end of the day, we trust that each franchisee understands their clients and their market better than anyone.

5. Franchisee Support & Community

In surveys of franchise owners across the U.S., Visiting Angels stands out from other home care franchising brands. One of the areas where we consistently outperform other brands is the sense of community enjoyed by our franchisees.

Other franchise brands pride themselves on the rigorous corporate support that they provide to franchisees. At Visiting Angels, we share this commitment. But in addition to franchisor to franchisee support, we also encourage franchisees to support one another.

Unique initiatives like our ARC extranet system and our annual franchisee retreats have helped Visiting Angels develop a supportive network of franchisees. Our owners routinely support one another, share tips and advice about industry trends, and turn to one another in difficult situations. This additional level of support has played a big part in our home care franchising success.

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