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Escape Corporate Constraints - Buy a Senior Care Franchise

A corporate job often provides stability, something that shouldn’t be taken lightly in this day and age. In return for your work, you receive a steady paycheck and perks like health benefits and retirement savings. However, you may find yourself often wishing you could have more and do more - not more work, but more meaningful work. When you escape corporate constraints and purchase a senior care franchise, you can have the best of both worlds: security and the freedom to live the life you choose, one that revolves around helping others.

How a Senior Care Franchise Offers an Excellent Escape

Leaving a cushy corporate job can feel like a risky decision, and there may be many in your life who reinforce this belief. Yet, if something deep inside is telling you there’s more out there, it’s important to listen to that voice.

As you start doing research into your options, you’ll likely come across potential franchise opportunities. Franchising can help you address any fears of starting a new business by ensuring you have plenty of support in your new venture. As a franchisee, you’ll be working with experts in the industry who will help you every step of the way so you can look forward to running a thriving business.

Moreover, when you choose to operate a senior care franchise, you can leverage many of the skills you already have while pursuing meaningful work. For example, if you have experience with mentoring, organizing, communicating, and time management, you’ve built an important foundation that you can put towards growing your business.

Even if you’re unsure of how your skill set and background will translate, there’s no need to worry. Many senior care franchise brands, including Visiting Angels®, offer extensive training for new franchisees and continuous support to smooth the way to success.

Decision-Making for Potential Senior Care Franchise Owners

Looking into the prospect of purchasing a senior care franchise will likely take a significant amount of time. This is a good thing - after all, you want to ensure this important life decision is backed by plenty of research and self-reflection. As you plan your escape from corporate America, we recommend taking the following steps.

1. Consider what is important to you.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time and energy getting your business up and running. While the franchisor will be there to help with the legwork, this project will be your main focus both as you learn the ropes and well after you’ve gotten into the swing of things. Think hard about the impact you want all this time and energy to have. If the thought of elderly members of your community living happily at home as the result of your work brings a smile to your face, opening a senior care franchise may be the right choice.

2. Take a look at your finances.

You don’t need to know the details about franchise financing in these early stages. However, you do need to be crystal clear about your current financial situation so you can make the best choices for your present and future self. This includes figuring out your net worth and liquid capital. Once you have these numbers in mind, you can move on to researching different franchise systems and the types of financing you may eventually need.

3. Be honest about what scares you.

If you’re still having reservations about opening a senior care franchise, get into the nitty gritty details of what is actually putting you off.

Are you overwhelmed by the options available and having trouble visualizing how your life would look as a franchisee? Narrow down your list of prospective franchisors so you can get a better handle on the reality of the situation.

Are you most concerned about leaving the security of your current job for a new path that feels like it’s never been tread before? Reach out to franchisees in your local business community and at the brands you are considering. Ask about their personal experience; chances are they were once in your position and haven’t looked back since.

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