Finding Franchise Opportunities You’re Passionate About
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Finding Franchise Opportunities You’re Passionate About


Running a franchise business takes a level of time, energy, and focus that few people can bring to the table. Even among dedicated entrepreneurs, the only way to make this happen is to pursue franchise opportunities that they feel passionate about.

But to do that yourself, you need to know where your true passions lie. And that can be surprisingly tricky to pin down.

While some of us instantly know what we want to do as business owners, others don’t. You might know that you want to own a franchise. And you might have a vague sense of the work you want to be doing. But when you look at different franchise opportunities, it’s hard to figure out which one will feel the most fulfilling.

To find your passion and narrow down your list of choices, try asking yourself the following six questions.

How to Find Franchise Opportunities That Harness Your Passions

What are your biggest strengths right now?

People tend to be passionate about the things they’re best at (and vice versa). After all, if you’re passionate about something to begin with, you’ll put in the work to develop that skill set. And if you’re naturally skilled at certain tasks, the rewards of a job well done can translate your skills into a personal passion.

So before you start searching for franchise opportunities, reflect on your strengths. What are your strongest hard skills? Which soft skills set you apart from others? After answering these questions, ask yourself how you can harness these skills with a franchise and how rewarding it would feel to put these skills to better use.

What do you want your biggest strengths to be?

Rather than harnessing existing skills, starting a business can be a good way to develop new ones. So, it may be worth pursuing franchise opportunities that allow you to build or hone the skills you’ve always wanted to have.

One of the best parts of owning a franchise is the way it lets you learn new things and develop new abilities in a supportive and structured framework. With a franchisor’s training, support, and business model, you have the chance to enter a new and exciting field.

What types of projects tend to attract you?

Most of us have passions that we’re not entirely aware of. Or, if we are aware of them, we don’t think of them as passions. Instead, we might think of them as personal traits, quirks, or compulsions.

A good way to pick up on these hidden passions is to think about the projects you can’t seem to help yourself from tackling. Maybe you’re the person who always plans big events. Or the one who’s always budgeting down to the last cent. Or who is always volunteering for certain charitable projects.

Even if you don’t want to do this kind of work as a franchisee, it’s worth considering what draws you to these projects. Chances are, you can find franchise opportunities that take advantage of those instincts.

What types of projects can you not put down?

Sometimes, it’s not the projects you can’t help starting that define your passions. Instead, it’s the projects that you can’t seem to put down. These are the tasks that, for some reason or another, seem to take hold of you and simply won’t let go.

Rather than trying to fight off these projects, why not make them the focus of your business? That way, you’ll know that you’ll be motivated each and every day.

What kinds of work do you find immediately rewarding?

When you operate a franchise, it’s important that the day-to-day work feels rewarding. You shouldn’t just be proud at the end of a major project or when you look at your quarterly figures. Instead, you should be able to take pride in all the small achievements along the way.

As you consider different franchise opportunities, don’t just focus on the big picture work. Think about the everyday details of running the business. Are these tasks that you can get excited about? Or will you dread the actual work of running your business?

What kinds of work do you find rewarding long-term?

In addition to day-to-day rewards, operating a franchise should offer a sense of greater purpose. For some entrepreneurs, this purpose is quite simple. They want to maximize profitability. But for others, a sense of purpose has much more to do with the impact their business has — on their clients, on their community, and on the world at large.

By focusing on franchise opportunities that you believe have a positive impact, you can find a business that gives you this sense of purpose. You won’t simply be enriching yourself. You’ll be enriching the world around you.

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