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How Home Care Helps After Hospitalization: About Our Ready-Set-Go Home Program

Reducing hospital readmission is an essential aspect of senior home care. Approximately 20% of seniors on Medicare return to the hospital within a month of being discharged. Those readmissions can lead to a reduced likelihood of recovery.

That’s why Visiting Angels® developed a proactive approach with our Ready-Set-Go Home Program.

Three Steps to Post-Hospitalization Home Care

Our compassionate caregivers follow these guidelines to support families and their loved ones during and after a hospital stay. We assist in the coordination of the discharge from the hospital, help with the transition from hospital to home, and are there for those first few critical weeks.

As a Visiting Angels’ franchisee, you will receive everything your business needs to support the families in your care. While the fundamentals of this program are solid, they are designed to be customized to the unique needs of seniors and their family providing your business with a flexible business model within which to operate.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Ready-Set-Go Home program and how it functions.

Step 1: Starting In the Hospital

A hospital stay can be a confusing and stressful time. Doctors, nurses, and technicians are in and out all day with everyone doling out instructions. That’s why our caregivers visit the patient at the hospital to ask the questions that are needed, act as another set of eyes and ears to comprehend any discharge instructions, and to help facilitate the best plan to get the senior safely home while mitigating readmission risks.

Step 2: Continuing Care at Home

Our skilled home care assistance is front and center to ensure that every detail of the discharge plan is executed. Patients often go home with instructions to change a medication dosage, add a new one, or stop one altogether. We confirm these vital orders are clearly understood and are documented in easy-to-understand language. We also ensure the follow-up doctor(s) appointments are made and kept while keeping a keen eye out for any changes that could indicate a problem.

Our care can also ease the strain on seniors as they return home. Often, they are still weak and unable to perform daily tasks like bathing, dressing, cooking, and cleaning. Our caregivers are there to provide help with the activities of daily living so seniors can focus on rest and recovery.

Step 3: From Your Home Care Office

Although we are an in-home resource for seniors wishing to live and recover in the privacy of their own homes, our offices are here to support the entire family as well. We can help identify complications that could signify a re-hospitalization.

We also provide reminders about anything from the discharge instructions to accompanying a senior to appointments. We can coordinate with the pharmacy, confirm delivery of durable medical devices, as well as make sure groceries get delivered and food is prepared.

When seniors return home after a fall or a surgery, they must focus on getting the rest they need to recover. The tasks of daily living can be handled by a home care support staff that sees the big picture but understands how to execute the smallest details.

As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you’ll be able to take advantage of the many tools and the guidance of our corporate staff as you work to support each family’s unique needs. When all the pieces are connected, from the medical professionals to home care agency to the family caregivers, a plan can be created that works today and can be easily adjusted tomorrow as needs change.

If you wish to be a part of this noble mission to provide the home care that keeps seniors safe while giving their families peace of mind, we offer protected territories that are available in most states. We currently have a range of ownership options available, including both new territories and resale locations. With Visiting Angels, you can find the path to franchise ownership that best meets your needs,

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