Best Franchise to Buy: Our Mission
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Our Mission Makes Us a Best Franchise to Buy

When deciding on a franchise to buy, the company’s mission and philosophy should be key factors in your decision-making process. This is especially true in the business of caring for seniors and their families. To find the right fit, the platform upon which an organization stands must resonate with your own values.

Understanding the Visiting Angels Mission

At Visiting Angels®, we are committed to providing our franchisees with the support they need to run a thriving business. Our commitment to our clients is simple: to provide the best possible care.

Our franchisees and their teams provide essential personal home care services that fulfill our desire to restore hope to our clients and their families. In addition to tending to the physical well-being of seniors, we also work together with families and one another to provide emotional and spiritual support.

When our home care providers unite with families, we make changes for the better. Every single effort is a collaborative one. We define teamwork. There’s no better way to manage the needs of seniors in our care than to work as one united entity with an all-encompassing plan.

What is the Visiting Angels Mission Statement?

Visiting Angels strives to educate, support, and provide the compassionate, professional resources needed to deliver the best care possible to families across America so their loved ones can remain independent in their own homes.

Our Culture Makes Visiting Angels THE Franchise to Buy

Our company’s culture is also focused on the success of our franchisees. We demonstrate commitment by making our leadership team easily accessible for questions and any type of assistance. 

We offer everything from one-on-one sessions to annual franchisee conventions. Our network of business owners is strong and collaborative. Our franchisees are encouraged to communicate and share information with one another.

When you are deciding on a franchise to buy, know that Visiting Angels will always position you and your business for success. We offer unparalleled support and provide all the training and information you need to feel confident in your decision, every day.

What Makes Us Unique

What makes Visiting Angels unique in the home care industry? It’s our commitment to caring, both outside and inside our organization. We always want our franchisees to be heard and to have everything they need to be happy and continue to grow their businesses.

Fortunately, year after year we receive a stellar report card on franchisee satisfaction. According to Franchise Business Review’s independent survey of franchisees across the country, Visiting Angels consistently receives top scores for franchisees’ general satisfaction, our franchisee community, and for our core organizational values.

Why Choose the Home Care Industry

Another factor to consider when deciding on a franchise to buy is the future need for the services you’ll be providing. Known as a recession-proof industry, the in-home care industry is expanding as the life expectancy of the population continues to increase. Baby Boomers are already living longer than their parents did.

According to the United States Census Bureau, “In less than two decades, the graying of America will be inescapable. Older adults are projected to outnumber kids for the first time in U.S. history. Already, the middle-aged outnumber children, but the country will reach a new milestone in 2034...That year, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that older adults will edge out children in population size: People age 65 and over are expected to number 77.0 million..., while children under age 18 will number 76.5 million...”

If you’re looking for a franchise to buy, we encourage you to consider Visiting Angels. Learn more about a Visiting Angels franchise to buy by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.