Benefits of Owning a Visiting Angels Franchise
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Benefits of Owning a Visiting Angels Franchise

Entrepreneurship can be risky, but when you find the right opportunity, the rewards are endless. Could a Visiting Angels® franchise be right for you?

Starting a new business takes time, money, ambition, and the willingness to take risks. However, the path you choose can have a big impact on the amount of risk you take on and the amount of time it takes to get your business going.

Many aspiring business owners are drawn to franchising because it combines the independence of self-employment with the structure and connections of an established brand. Instead of starting completely from scratch, you’ll have a clear path to follow and — ideally — a support system in place.

Of course, not all franchise brands are created equal. Before you commit to a franchise opportunity, you need to research the industry and the brand’s history and operating philosophy. It’s also important to talk to current franchisees to get a feel for how each company supports and interacts with their local owners.

Why You Should Choose a Visiting Angels Franchise

Visiting Angels is a leading provider of senior care, with hundreds of franchises across North America. The advantages of opening a Visiting Angels franchise include:

  • Industry Potential
    In recent years, senior care has emerged as one of the most promising industries for franchising. Due to a rapidly aging population and a widespread preference for aging in place, the market is already expansive and is poised to grow. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 by 2030.

  • Brand Recognition
    Senior care is a field where trust is paramount. Your clients will welcome you into their homes and entrust their most vulnerable relatives to your care. As a result, buying into a well-known and highly regarded franchise like Visiting Angels can give you a significant advantage over starting a new company and having to build brand recognition.

  • Comparatively Low Startup Costs and Royalty Fees
    Starting any business requires initial investment, but the costs associated with opening a franchise are typically lower than when you go it alone. You should also be able to get up and running faster making it easier to start turning a profit. That being said, certain franchises can be surprisingly costly.

    In addition to startup costs, franchise owners pay a royalty fee to the brand. Our startup costs vary based on location and market size, but are generally lower than other senior care franchise brands.

    While the industry standard for royalty fees is around 5%, we cap our royalty fee at 3.5% with a possible reduction to as low as 2% as your business grows. Our lower royalty fees combined with our competitive start up costs make it easier for you to build a successful and profitable franchise location.

  • Continuous Support
    Even with a franchise, opening a business is a daunting step. We provide initial training and ongoing support so you have the tools you need to run your franchise.

    Our support includes online resources, one-on-one consultations, national conferences, and regional meetings. We also generate leads on a monthly basis and provide a marketing manual with proven strategies.

  • Franchisee Satisfaction
    Perhaps the most valuable metric to consider as you evaluate a franchise is the feedback from current franchisees. Visiting Angels has consistently been ranked as a top franchise by the Franchise Business Review based on surveys submitted by franchisees.

If you have the opportunity to reach out to our franchise owners directly, you’ll find they’re a highly engaged and supportive community. We’ve long encouraged collaboration and information sharing to help our franchisees succeed.

Learn More About Franchising Opportunities in Senior Care

Have you always wanted to own your own business, but never had the confidence to take the plunge? At Visiting Angels, we’ll provide the support you need to succeed.

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