The Wealth of Veteran Franchise Opportunities in Senior Care
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The Wealth of Veteran Franchise Opportunities in Senior Care

If you’re looking for veteran franchise opportunities, the senior care industry is a great place to start.

As with many other industries, our sector has a wealth of veteran franchise opportunities. These include franchise opportunities with Visiting Angels®, a proud VetFran member.

Our industry is a great fit for veterans who want to start their own business. The senior care industry harnesses many of the skills that vets develop during military service. Plus, it offers a sense of meaning and purpose that other businesses don’t — something important to many former service members.

Why Veterans Make Such Great Franchise Owners

Senior care isn’t the only industry with plenty of veteran franchise opportunities. Over the past couple decades, more and more franchise brands have come to value the strengths of veteran franchisees.

When you think about it, there are few people better suited to franchise ownership than veterans. Military training and experience provide veterans with many of the skills that entrepreneurs need. But when vets re-enter civilian life, most of them don’t have business training. Because of this, many hesitate to start independent businesses.

With a franchise business, this problem is solved. As franchisees, veterans can harness their perseverance, discipline, and leadership skills, key traits for entrepreneurs. At the same time, they enjoy a proven blueprint for building their business, giving them the foothold they need to succeed as first-time business owners.

This combination — existing skills + proven blueprint — positions veterans for success as franchise owners. That’s reason enough for most franchise brands to promote veteran franchise opportunities.

But as we can attest at Visiting Angels, there are other reasons to seek out vets as franchisees. Veterans understand the importance of teamwork, and they bring that mindset to franchise networks. For brands that value a united and supportive community of franchisees, that’s an invaluable asset.

Why Veterans Excel with Senior Care Franchises

Veterans aren’t just uniquely suited to franchise ownership. They’re also a great fit for the senior care sector. So it should come as no surprise that senior care is where you’ll find many of the best veteran franchise opportunities.

While a lot of people look at caregiving as low-skill work, anyone who’s actually provided care to seniors knows this is far from the case. But the skills you need to succeed in senior care don’t necessarily come with a college degree or internship experience. They come from having to handle high-stakes situations and accomplish difficult tasks while maintaining your composure. Military experience allows veterans to thrive in the caregiving industry, whether they’re providing care themselves or managing a team of care providers.

At Visiting Angels, we know how much veterans have to offer the senior care sector. But we also know how much veteran franchise opportunities in senior care have to offer veterans.

To start, senior care offers veterans a niche where they can thrive as entrepreneurs. At the same time, veterans enjoy a sense of purpose with senior care that they might not get out of other veteran franchise opportunities.

After transitioning to civilian life, many vets are driven by a desire to make meaningful change in their communities. Many veteran franchise opportunities are solid business ventures, but they don’t offer this sense of purpose. With a senior care franchise, vets have the chance to make an impact where it’s most needed, tending to the health and well-being of vulnerable seniors. It also gives them the chance to help elderly veterans, many of whom struggle in their older years.

Veteran Franchise Opportunities with Visiting Angels

Recently, Visiting Angels was named one of America’s best veteran franchise opportunities — not only in senior care, but across all franchise industries. So if you’re looking veteran franchise opportunities in senior care, we encourage you to contact us.

As a VetFran member, Visiting Angels offers discounts on our initial fees to qualifying veteran franchisees. We offer a proven blueprint for building your business, with detailed in-person training for new franchisees. At the same time, we offer rigorous support through our regional directors — available at any time for one-on-one guidance — and a network of 500+ Visiting Angels franchisees.

And thanks to veteran franchisees like Will Bruck, Visiting Angels makes it easier to give back to elderly veterans. If you need guidance on how to become a VA-approved care provider, we can provide you with the guidance and resources you need.

Learn about veteran franchise opportunities with Visiting Angels by calling us today at 800-365-4189 or by submitting an online request for franchise information.