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Looking for Visiting Angels Reviews? Hear What Our Franchisees Have to Say

At Visiting Angels®, we’re proud to be one of the leading home care providers in the country among both our clients and franchise owners. If you’re considering buying a home care franchise with us, Visiting Angels reviews from current franchisees can be a great resource of information and insight.

To support our franchise owners as effectively as possible and maintain the quality of care we’re known for, we routinely seek feedback about our franchise system and practices. We also voluntarily take part in an annual franchisee survey conducted by Franchise Business Review (FBR).

To give you a clearer sense of what it’s like to own a Visiting Angels franchise, we’ll delve into a few common threads from our franchisee feedback.

Exploring Visiting Angels Reviews from Our Franchise Owners

Based on direct feedback we’ve received and the results from FBR’s latest independent survey of our franchise network, our franchisees have praised Visiting Angels in the following areas:

Training and Support Services

At Visiting Angels, we provide in-person training, webinars, phone consultations, and other support services to help franchisees launch, manage, and grow their new business. Franchise owners who took part in the FBR survey ranked our training and support as “Very Good.”

In a Visiting Angels review from franchise owner Greg E. he noted that “Visiting Angels gives you this wonderful roadmap and all of the tools and more that you could ever need to launch and more, so you never feel lost.”

Core Principles

Per the FBR survey, our franchise was ranked “Very Good” in most categories by our franchisees. One standout, though, was the company’s values where we received an “Excellent” designation.

Our mission is “to educate, support and provide the compassionate, professional resources needed to deliver the best care possible to families across America so their loved ones can remain independent in their own homes.” In another Visiting Angels review, franchise owner Debbie H. said we shared her “people first” approach.

Franchise System and Leadership

While we strive to support our franchisees in several ways, we have complete faith in their ability to manage their day-to-day affairs. In his Visiting Angels review, franchisee Jeff C. shared that “as an entrepreneur [...he] liked autonomy,” and that our franchise setup allowed him to run his office as he chose.

Other franchisees have noticed our corporate office is communicative, collaborative, and that we truly listen and act on their concerns.

Based on these Visiting Angels reviews, it’s clear why FBR ranked the company as the top franchise in senior care for 2021.

Learn More About Franchising Opportunities with Visiting Angels

At Visiting Angels, we believe that a franchisor is only as strong as its individual franchisees, so we do everything we can to empower our franchise owners. Ultimately, we chose this industry because we care about people — and that includes our franchise partners.

With more than 600 locations nationwide, we have a vast network of franchise owners who are highly engaged in the Visiting Angels community. As you research franchise opportunities, we encourage you to talk to franchisees and read more Visiting Angels franchisee reviews.

To choose the best franchise opportunity for you, we encourage you to explore more Visiting Angels reviews from our franchise owners. You can also call 800-365-4189 for more information or request additional details online.