Looking for a Franchise to Buy in Cherry Hill, NJ?
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Looking for a Franchise to Buy in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Are you considering the possibility of franchise ownership? The franchise model offers a solid strategy for success. Franchisees benefit from the reputation and structure of an established business. If you’re thinking that Visiting Angels® is the right franchise to buy in Cherry Hill, NJ, then it’s important to note an even bigger advantage is now available: protected territories. Visiting Angels is currently offering the benefit of zero competition from other franchisees.

Visiting Angels is the Franchise to Buy in Cherry Hill, NJ

Besides the value of a protected territory, demographics are everything. Before you open a business, you need to determine there’s a demand for your services. When it comes to deciding on the right franchise to buy in Cherry Hill, NJ, this township has it all. There is an excellent mix of residents in need of home care combined with a substantial percentage who will need assistance in the future.

Covering an area of approximately 224 square miles, Cherry Hill is New Jersey’s 15th most populous municipality. The last official population count was just over 71,000 with a hefty 19% of the residents aged 65 and older.

Regarding future business potential, 15% of the residents are in the 45-54 age range while 14% are in the 55-64 age range. Therefore, 29% of the population represents prospects in the pipeline. With people living longer and preferring to age in place instead of moving to an assisted living facility, these statistics bode well for the success of a franchise in this area.

What also makes Visiting Angels the franchise to buy in Cherry Hill, NJ, is the stability and status of the township. Geographical mobility is a statistic that demonstrates how firmly residents are planted in their neighborhood. Cherry Hill scores high marks here as well. Besides boasting a strong owner-occupied percentage of 78.5% over renter-occupied residents, 89.2% of the residents are living in the same house as they were a year ago. This shows tremendous stability in a township where the median value of owner-occupied homes is $272,000.

Another key reason Visiting Angels is the right franchise to buy in Cherry Hill, NJ, is the township’s disposable income. With a median household income of almost $100,000, families have the means to hire home care companies to assist their parents and relatives with anything from the tasks of daily living to companionship.

As a sought-after New Jersey suburb, Cherry Hill has been given an overall grade of "A" for its public-school system, its diversity, and for being family-friendly. It is known as one of the best places to live in New Jersey. A suburban community, it attracts many new residents who are starting families. Cherry Hill is also just a short commute to Philly making it ideal for those who prefer to live in a residential neighborhood but want the career opportunities afforded by a big city.

Why Visiting Angels?

After demographics and the protected territory opportunities, another variable to consider when investigating business opportunities is the franchise itself. Why choose one over another?

There are plenty of factors that distinguish Visiting Angels as the best franchise to buy in Cherry Hill, NJ. Just a few of those include:

  • National and local name recognition
  • Franchise fees for less than $50,000 for a protected territory
  • Lower monthly royalty fees
  • Extensive training and access to regional directors for on-going support
  • Voted “Best Franchise to Own” by actual franchisees and reported by an independent franchise marketing organization
  • Promotes services via nationwide marketing campaigns on digital platforms and broadcast mediums

If you’re looking for a franchise to buy in Cherry Hill, NJ, and are passionate about supporting the senior community, we would like to welcome you to the family!

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