Starting a Home Care Business
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Starting a Home Care Business

Home care is at the start of a major growth period, with America’s senior population growing every year. But for some entrepreneurs, starting a home care business can be an imposing investment. At Visiting Angels, we regularly speak with prospective business owners who feel they can’t succeed with home care because they don’t know enough about the business.

But starting a home care business isn’t just for those familiar with years of industry. At Visiting Angels, many of our most successful franchisees come from other businesses. Our franchisees include army veterans, software executives, and construction superintendents, among other occupations.

Thinking of starting a home care business? Unsure if you have the knowledge — or experience — to make this a reality? Here’s why pursuing a home care business is still worth your time.

What Home Care Franchise Owners Look Like

At Visiting Angels, we find that our franchise owners come from three main groups:

  • Former Healthcare Workers. We have many franchise owners who are trained as nurses or healthcare workers and used to work in hospitals, assisted living facilities or in the medical field. These owners identify strongly with a patient-focused approach to care as opposed to tending to a floor with multiple patients.
  • Veterans. We are proud to welcome many veterans into the Visiting Angels family. Our veteran franchise owners are passionate about caring for other vets and work hard to bring assistance to disabled and aging veterans in their local communities.
  • Those Who have Cared for a Loved One. When you’ve been the family caregiver, your perspective on home care is truly unique. We have many franchise owners who have walked in their client’s shoes and are passionate about providing quality care to seniors.

Home Care Is Ideal for Quick Adapters

What home care demands isn’t your expertise — it’s your outlook. The approach you bring to home care will make a big difference in your success. Having the right attitude and a focus on the client’s needs is essential to success. That doesn’t mean that the nuts and bolts of home care don’t matter. They do, and it’s important that you take the time to learn how the industry works. At the end of the day, a compassionate, caring, and client-focused outlook is the most essential trait in a home care business owner.

Find Support with a Home Care Franchise

Starting a home care business from scratch can be difficult if you don’t know the business. But with a franchise model business, things are different. Home care franchise brands, like Visiting Angels, are built to support new franchisees — no matter their experience level.

At Visiting Angels, we strive to be as supportive of new franchisees as possible, offering the training and one-on-one advisement they need to succeed. We’re here to show you how to set up your business, how to get your agency licensed, how to hire (and retain) quality caregivers, and everything in between.

Learn more about starting a home care business with Visiting Angels. Request information today to find out more about Visiting Angels franchise opportunities in your area.