Home Care Franchise: Finding Good Hires
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Finding Good Hires for Your Home Care Franchise: The Path to Success

When you buy a home care franchise, you’ll immediately benefit from the structure, systems, and support of a successful enterprise. However, it’s up to you to manage day-to-day operations — and to hire the right people for the job.

While every business owner wants a reliable workforce, hiring for a home care franchise is particularly sensitive. This is a vital service families seek out at what is often a very stressful time. Your clients will be entrusting their vulnerable loved ones to your care. You must be able to rely on your employees to provide consistent, compassionate, and quality care.

Hiring Techniques for Your Home Care Franchise\

Gaining and maintaining trust is essential in this industry, so it’s important to have a system in place to seek out and retain the best care professionals for your home care franchise. Keep the following techniques in mind when hiring and managing franchise employees.

Take advantage of any resources available from your franchisor

Brand recognition is one of the greatest benefits of franchising. Ultimately, though, a brand is only as strong as its franchise locations. It’s in your franchisor’s best interest to set you up for success — starting with your hiring practices.

Your franchisor may provide hiring materials such as sample ads and job descriptions as well as training and onboarding materials. They may also connect you with other franchise owners who can offer their insight and experience when it comes to hiring.

Draft job descriptions that clearly state requirements and set expectations

As you prepare your job postings, consider and clearly state any must-have requirements. Describe the position in direct terms that honestly reflect what new hires can expect. Provide details about salary range and any benefits that are offered.

Post up-to-date job listings on your franchise website, major job sites, and any industry-specific sites available. You may receive numerous applications, so have a plan in place to check and review them regularly.

Create an interview template and structure you can tailor to the candidate and role

Before you begin interviewing, determine the process. If you plan to screen applicants prior to an in person interview, decide who will conduct the initial call and what key points they should cover.

For the official interview, prepare a list of questions to verify each applicant’s industry experience and understanding of the role. Review their application again before the interview so you can ask specific questions about their skills and past positions.

In addition to their professional experience, consider what other qualities you want in your employees. While interviews are nerve-wracking, care professionals need to be able to instill immediate confidence in their clients and help them feel at ease. Passion, commitment, an outgoing personality, and a comforting presence are all assets in this field.

Make your home care franchise an appealing place to work

Hiring the best people won’t get you very far if you’re unable to retain them. This is a relationship-driven field, so make sure your employees have every incentive to stay. Establish a full onboarding process with any necessary training.

Encourage collaboration and open communication — then actually engage with the feedback you receive. It’s easy to fixate on correcting mistakes, but take every opportunity to reward good work as well.

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