Visiting Angels: A Best Franchise to Own
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Visiting Angels: A Best Franchise to Own

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best franchise to own. Which industries are you most drawn to based on your skills and interests? Which industries show the greatest potential for continued, sustainable growth?

Once you’ve started your search, there are many resources to help you find out more about different franchises — particularly how they operate, how profitable they are, and how much support they provide for franchise owners. 

Franchise Business Review is an independent franchise market research firm that regularly evaluates and ranks franchise opportunities across various industries via franchisee surveys. This year, it has recognized Visiting Angels® as one of the best franchises to own across multiple categories.

What Makes Visiting Angels a Best Franchise to Own

Franchise Business Review ranks Visiting Angels among the best franchises to own in 2020. Their most recent survey was just released with results from 2019. They have named us as the Best-of-Category for Senior Home Care.

In the last year, Franchise Business Review has also recognized Visiting Angels in the following categories:

  • Top Franchises for Veterans
  • Most Innovative Franchises
  • Top Multi-Unit Franchises
  • Top Franchise Leaders
  • Top Franchises for Women
  • Top Franchises (Overall)

These rankings are calculated based on a 33-question survey completed by thousands of franchise owners from more than 200 franchises. The point of the survey is to assess each franchisee’s satisfaction and engagement and to establish the franchise’s Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI) score.

Every franchisee has different goals for their business, and different preferences about the way they work. To capture that complexity, the survey measures franchisee satisfaction across eight essential areas:

Survey respondents have ranked Visiting Angels as “Very Good” across the board, signifying their satisfaction with the support they receive, the systems they use, and the community they are a part of. Franchise owners also recognized the company’s core values as “Excellent,” per the Franchise Bureau Review.

Learn More About Partnering With Visiting Angels

Third-party rankings can be a valuable resource as you decide on the best franchise to own, but they can’t take the place of your own research. After all, you need to find the right franchise opportunity for your goals, financial situation, and preferred working relationship, among other factors.

In fact, Franchise Business Review notes that an FSI score is “not all that valuable on its own,” but can be useful “as a benchmark to measure against other areas, or to compare various franchise systems and industry sectors.”

At Visiting Angels, we’re proud of our ranking and the reputation we’ve built for supporting our franchisees from set-up through to day-to-day operations. We are also here to answer your questions as you make crucial decisions about which is the best franchise to own for your individual preferences, needs, and goals.

To learn more about what makes Visiting Angels a best franchise to own, or to discuss franchising opportunities in your area, request details online or call us at 800-365-4189.