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Resources for Our Home Care Franchise Owners

As a home care franchise owner, you’ll be responsible for a wide variety of tasks. From interviewing and hiring caregivers to meeting with potential and current clients, your days will be filled with many tasks. As a Visiting Angels® home care franchise owner, the one thing you won’t have to worry about is creating resources for your team.

We provide all the procedural and informational guidelines you need to properly support your clients. With such a robust knowledge base, every franchisee can confidently move forward and flourish.

Documentation for Your Home Care Franchise

Just as you enable those in your care to feel less alone, we offer that same solid foundation to our franchisees. With a Visiting Angels home care franchise, you’ll have a wealth of informational resources to draw upon. 

Since 1988, we have been making a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. This experience has allowed us to develop comprehensive resources and documentation for our franchisees. We are proud to offer everything from training and marketing resources to brochures and information to share with current and prospective clients.

The Visiting Angels Resource Library

One of our most robust offerings is our collection of informational brochures. These can be provided to clients to help explain our service offerings and provide assistance with some of the most common concerns facing seniors. As a Visiting Angels’ franchisee, you’ll have access to this library of knowledge. 

Some of these subjects include detail on:

We also provide information you can share with families to allay their concerns. Families often come to us feeling overwhelmed. Our documentation enables us to help them have productive conversations with their loved ones about sensitive issues. 

We have assembled materials you may provide to them on such topics as:

Conversations between family members can be complex. Arming families with information will give them the confidence they need to have productive conversations and make decisions that are best for all concerned.

Every Visiting Angels home care franchise is as unique as the families in its care. We are dedicated to all our families and will always provide everything you require to properly support your clients. With a Visiting Angels home care franchise, none of us are ever alone. 

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