Senior Home Care Franchise Specialty Care Programs
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Senior Home Care Franchise Specialty Care Programs

One of the many things that sets Visiting Angels® apart from other senior home care franchise offerings is the breadth of specialty programs available to franchisees. Other franchisors tend to focus on core service offerings. Some will also offer specialized programs for memory care. But few ­— if any — other franchised brands in our sector provide the range of programs that we do at Visiting Angels.

With a Visiting Angels senior home care franchise, you can provide a full spectrum of care through a series of programs called Life Care Navigation™. The programs included within Life Care Navigation™ cover basics like companion care, personal care, and respite care, memory care programs for dementia and Alzheimer’s, plus an array of additional specialty care services.

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at a number of these programs individually. Below, we take a broader look at how these programs differentiate the Visiting Angels franchise offering, as well as how these programs are used by our senior home care franchise owners.

Provide Specialized Care with Your Senior Home Care Franchise

Certified Palliative Care. Our Certified Palliative Care program takes a multi-faceted approach to senior home care. While most other palliative care programs are synonymous with hospice care, our Certified Palliative care program is designed for clients of any life-expectancy.

With this program, we adopt a holistic model of care, tending to clients’ physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. By bringing Certified Palliative Care to your senior home care franchise, you can provide clients with a more comprehensive type of care, while giving your caregivers new tools and skillsets.

Learn more about how to bring our Certified Palliative Care program to your franchise.

End of Life Care. Our End of Life Care program is designed to provide compassionate support and skilled non-medical care to individuals during the end of life process. These services are often provided in coordination with other care services from medical and nursing care providers.

Senior home care franchises who offer our End of Life Care program will typically support their clients’ families and/or friends during the end of life transition. In addition to providing care directly to clients, caregivers will often tend to housekeeping, errands, and other important tasks to ensure family and friends have the support they need and as much time as possible to spend with their loved one.

Learn more about how to bring our End of Life Care program to your franchise.

Ready-Set-Go Home. Our Ready-Set-Go Home program was designed to prevent hospital readmissions after discharge from the hospital. This transitional care program focuses on the first 30 days after discharge, which is the period when seniors are at highest risk for re-hospitalization.

Ready-Set-Go Home offers unique value to seniors, families, hospitals, and our senior home care franchise owners. This program is a key differentiator for many of our franchisees, as many families have trouble finding high-quality transitional care. It can also help generate referrals from hospitals, many of which become long-term clients.

Learn more about how to bring our Ready-Set Go Home transitional care program to your franchise.

Safe-and-Steady Fall Prevention. Our Safe-and-Steady Fall Prevention program will provide your senior home care agency with educational resources to help your clients reduce their risk of suffering a fall at home. Falls are the most common reason why older adults lose their independence. They are also the leading cause of hip fractures among older adults, resulting in more than 300,000 hospitalizations each year.

In addition to educational resources, participating franchisees may also choose to offer in-home fall prevention assessments. These assessments help families identify and remedy fall hazards in and around the house.

Learn more about how to bring our Safe-and-Steady Fall Prevention program to your franchise.

Social Care. Our Social Care program helps older adults use social media, online services, and digital technologies. Studies have found emotional and cognitive benefits to internet use among seniors, and roughly two-thirds of seniors are now regular users of online technologies.

Senior home care franchises that offer our Social Care program will pair older adults with tech-savvy caregivers. This way, seniors have someone to help them use technologies that they are unfamiliar with and avoid common but serious mistakes, like online scams or accidental deletion of files.

Learn more about how to bring our Social Care program to your franchise.

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