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Become A Care Agency Owner

Some things can’t be taught, like compassion for others. If you’ve been contemplating how to combine your love for working with people, your desire to make a difference, and your drive to own a business, then becoming a care agency owner may just be for you.

At Visiting Angels®, we find our most successful franchise owners are those who not only have the desire to run a successful business but who also have a passion for helping people. When you blend quality of character with a Visiting Angels’ franchise, you’ve got a winning combination.

Why Become a Care Agency Owner?

As a Visiting Angels franchisee, you’ll make a difference in the lives of seniors who wish to continue living in the homes they love. With assistance from our caregivers, seniors across the U.S. are able to retain their independence and live safely and happily on their own terms. Their families? Well, they find peace of mind and are able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing there are compassionate caregivers looking after their loved ones.

Our line of work is rife with opportunities for success. As franchise owners, we have the chance to share kindness and concern with seniors who are often overlooked. Seniors often feel lonely or left behind because they are separated from their family and/or unfamiliar with the technology that could connect them.

As an owner of a Visiting Angels’ care agency, you’ll be able to link seniors with the activities, people, and events they’ve lost touch with. You’ll also provide essential care services that enable them to live safely at home. It is our privilege to help our clients take back the dignity they’ve lost and regain their footing.

What Kind of Experience is Needed to Run a Care Agency?

Contrary to common belief, there is no requirement for a care agency owner to have experience in home care or health care. Some of our most successful franchisees come to us after being the caregiver for a loved one.
While a background in business and leadership positions is certainly helpful and beneficial, it is not required. When you become a care agency owner, we’ll provide training, ongoing assistance, and support that will allow you to navigate any situation you face.

As far as your ability to run a successful business, it is said that the entrepreneurial spirit is governed by passion. When you have passion for a cause or an industry, it will drive you to where you wish to go.

Dr. Eric George, Forbes Magazine’s Business Councils Member, believes, “Passion is a common word in the lexicon of entrepreneurs. In many circles, it’s fully embraced as a necessary characteristic for every leader.” We agree.

Additionally, you’ll find the Visiting Angels network is solid. Every franchisee is connected to every other franchisee as well as the leadership at our corporate office. Together, we form a solid foundation and support structure upon which you can build your business.

If you are considering a Visiting Angels care agency, don’t let your lack of experience deter you. You already know you have the heart to help. This is the job that was always meant to be yours.

This is the community that needs a force like you to shine a light on seniors who are often alone and afraid as their world gets smaller. The difference you’ll make in the lives of your clients and their families will change your life (and theirs) forever.

Learn more about owning a Visiting Angels care agency by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.