A Home Care Franchise that Turns Up the Technology
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A Home Care Franchise that Turns Up the Technology

We love the work we do and want to make a huge impact on others.  This is why we forge ahead to employ the latest methodologies that support our franchisees and those they support. Staying current with high-tech trends is essential to giving our home care franchise owners every opportunity to prosper. 

Our entire infrastructure is built upon positioning everyone to achieve their established goals. From core organizational values to the franchisee community itself, we are a cohesive network of entrepreneurs and self-starters.

Introducing Constant Companion

At Visiting Angels®, we understand that empowering seniors helps us assist them. Our home care franchise has another tremendous advancement with our most recent rollout, Constant Companion.  Although they didn’t grow up with tablets or Apple Watches, seniors can take advantage of the latest technology through our voice-activated solution. 

Leveraging Amazon’s Echo Dot platform, we developed a proprietary, encrypted system that is also HIPAA-compliant. The three primary objectives of the solution are to: 

  • Provide an urgent response interface

  • Remove the need for wearable devices

  • Offer a speakerphone option so seniors can make and receive calls easily

While some seniors spend a great deal of time with a professional or family caregiver, a solution like Constant Companion aids them during the times when they are on their own. 

New Technology with a Familiar Face

With our eyes trained on consistently incorporating the most current technologies, it’s also important to our home care franchise to foster a supportive community that decreases costs to the franchisees and the seniors. That’s another reason merging our proprietary software with familiar hardware like Amazon’s Dot makes good business sense. 

Seniors can take advantage of Alexa’s virtual assistance to set medication reminders, listen to audiobooks, and get news and weather updates. With the Internet at her fingertips, Alexa also helps fill in the blanks when seniors can’t remember the name of an actor in a movie or when they want to know the score from their favorite sports team’s last game. 

Our Social Care Program

While many seniors may be challenged by today’s new devices, our social care program offers them assistance and support they need to become acquainted and comfortable with new technologies. 

Through the social care program, we teach seniors how to: 

  • Make and receive calls on a cell phone

  • Shop or search online

  • Send text messages and emails and even use Skype or FaceTime

  • Create a Facebook account and connect with loved ones 

Seniors can lose their identity when they lose control of their world. When we provide opportunities for them to be as autonomous as possible, it can be a life-changing and more joyous experience. And happier clients make for successful businesses.

If you are looking for home care franchise opportunities in this sector, we’re sure you can appreciate an organization that maintains the latest technology to keep your business and your clients on the cutting edge. 

Learn more about how Visiting Angels makes a difference in the lives of their home care franchise owners and those in their care by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.