Services Offered by a Visiting Angels Franchise: Palliative and End of Life Care
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Services Offered by a Visiting Angels Franchise: Palliative and End of Life Care

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to forge your own path and seek out opportunities that fulfill you professionally and personally. While there are many financial incentives associated with buying a Visiting Angels® franchise, entering this field means being there for some of the most vulnerable members of your community and their families.

Why buy a Visiting Angels franchise in particular? Visiting Angels is a highly regarded name in home care services across the country, with more than 600 active franchise locations. If you’re interested in this expanding industry, you can leverage the trust we’ve built through years of quality care — and a wealth of support services — to grow your business.

Before you make your decision, though, it’s important to understand what you can offer as a franchisee with Visiting Angels. Previously in this series, we covered our unique transitional care service. Today, we’ll review two of our most sensitive services: palliative and end of life care.

How Your Visiting Angels Franchise Can Support Families in Their Darkest Moments

As the owner of a Visiting Angels franchise, families will often come to you at an incredibly stressful time in their lives. This is especially true for clients in need of palliative or end of life care.

However, when you provide care, you’re in the unique position to soothe and support members of your community and help them find the strength to carry on — or to say goodbye.

Palliative Care

We offer palliative care at home for clients who are battling serious illnesses including cancer, heart disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Clients can receive this care to ease their discomfort and improve their quality of life while in treatment for their condition.

Many providers offer palliative care, but Visiting Angels is unique in our holistic approach. As well as addressing our clients’ physical needs, we also focus on their spiritual, emotional, and social well-being. We incorporate our palliative care into every type of care we provide ensuring all of our clients are supported in every way possible.

What does this look like in practice? As the owner of a home care franchise, you can arrange the following forms of support for your clients:

  • Assisting with basic physical activities such as dressing and bathing to keep clients as comfortable as possible
  • Creating a warm, positive, and peaceful environment for clients and help them re-engage with their hobbies and interests
  • Being there to provide regular, rewarding companionship and to facilitate visits with other loved ones

End of Life Care

In contrast to palliative care, end of life care is offered for clients with a limited life expectancy, typically within 6 months. The primary goal of this service is to relieve your client’s physical discomfort and provide logistical support for their families so they can share these final moments in peace,

In practice, you may provide the following forms of support as part of your end of life care service:

  • Managing pain and other symptoms of their condition
  • Helping with activities of daily living like bathing
  • Offering comforting companionship
  • Assisting or providing coverage for family caregivers

Learn More About Our Franchising Opportunities

As the elderly population continues to expand, there is no time like the present to enter the home care industry.

Interested in purchasing a Visiting Angels franchise? Follow this series to learn more about our services, or contact us today by calling 800-365-4189 or requesting information online.