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Apply Your Experience and Own a Senior Care Franchise

own a senior care franchiseOur senior family members are precious to us. They provide our link to the past, carry so many of our family memories, and are how we come to understand ourselves and our family’s legacy. Many of our elders unfortunately cope with illness and disabilities. Because of this, many family members have gained the invaluable experience of being in-home care providers. These are the kind of people who have thrived performing these kinds of services professionally as a senior care franchise owner for Visiting Angels.

The experience as a family caregiver, stemming from a firsthand relationship with loved ones, has proven to be a wonderful foundation for being a senior care franchise owner. As a Visiting Angels senior care franchise owner, you can build your own business around the concept of simply taking care of those who cannot do so independently any longer. This is of massive importance to our communities and to society as a whole. Professional caregivers enable family members to continue living their lives while still being involved with their elderly loved one’s life and care. Our clients’ families rest more easily, knowing their grandparents or great aunts and uncles are in the hands of kind, loving, gentle people with strong backgrounds in this field.

As George Smart, from Raleigh, North Carolina, explains that Visiting Angels caregivers performed above and beyond his expectations when caring for his elderly father. They took care of “not just the basics”, but were also “extremely responsive and caring to him, to my family, and to all the folks who interacted with him in his last months of life.” He watched his father go through a trying period for years and found himself amazed by the will, skill, and dedication of his father’s Visiting Angels staff. He noted how different the Visiting Angels caregivers were from every senior home care provider with whom he had interacted prior.

Owning a Visiting Angels senior care franchise is the perfect opportunity for those who enjoy working with the elderly to also own their own business. The kinds of experiences you’ve had providing care for a family member can provide the very groundwork for flourishing as an owner of a Visiting Angels senior care franchise. With the huge growth in our elderly population, now is the time for our most seasoned senior care providers to join the Visiting Angels franchise team and make a huge difference in our world.

If you have a background in taking care of family members, please call 800-365-4189 for more information on available Visiting Angels senior care franchise opportunities in your area!