Starting a Home Care Franchise During COVID
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Is Starting a Home Care Franchise During COVID a Good Idea?

Opening a business at any time can feel nerve-wracking, and becoming a business owner in the midst of a pandemic may seem downright crazy to some. However, home care franchises are among a select few business models that will experience significant growth over the coming months and years.

The demand for senior home care has been quite high over the past decade as the “baby boomer” generation has begun to experience age-related difficulties. Unlike other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic recession has not caused this demand to falter.

On the contrary, the nature of the coronavirus has exposed some of the weaknesses of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Savvy entrepreneurs can take advantage of the shift away from institutionalized senior care by investing in a home care franchise that offers financial independence and the opportunity to enjoy a more meaningful career.

Understanding the Increasing Demand for Senior Home Care

COVID-19 has radically altered the perception of senior care. While nursing homes once seemed like the safest option for an aging parent or grandparent, it is now clear many factors were overlooked in this calculation.

As seniors are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of COVID-19, they must avoid coming into contact with the virus as much as physically possible. Unfortunately, many senior care facilities have acted as breeding grounds for this disease. With this knowledge in mind, it’s much easier for families to accept that home may be the safest place for their loved ones.

In addition to shining a light on how quickly the illness can spread within assisted living centers, the pandemic has also brought the topic of senior welfare into the global conversation. Many people are gaining a better understanding of just how important seniors’ mental and emotional health is to their overall well-being.

Being isolated in an unfamiliar environment is not anyone’s ideal for their golden years. Aging in place allows elderly adults to live life on their own terms and enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings full of cherished memories.

Opening a Home Care Franchise During an Economic Downturn

As aging in place becomes a more well-known and trusted option for seniors, high-quality home care providers are experiencing a major boost in business. While fitness, food, and retail franchises have been devastated by the pandemic and its economic aftermath, senior home care trends are displaying positive growth. Other industries have been forced to furlough employees or let them go altogether, yet many home care providers are actively hiring.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to start a recession-resistant business in a stable industry, purchasing a home care franchise may be the best option. When you partner with Visiting Angels, you’ll benefit from our established brand name to help your business stand out from the competition.

Additionally, our franchisees go into business for themselves, but are never by themselves. We offer a proven path to success and continuous guidance to give you confidence as you invest in yourself and your community during these uncertain times.

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