Living Assistance Franchise Opportunity: Marketing
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Living Assistance Franchise Opportunity: Marketing

When you’re considering a living assistance franchise opportunity, a number of factors will play a role in your decision. One that sometimes ends up getting overlooked is marketing.

Marketing resources, support, and costs can vary significantly from one franchisor to another. This can have a big impact on your business. After all, how you market your living assistance franchise will be crucial to growing and sustaining your agency. Marketing support from your franchisor can make or break your chances with a living assistance franchise opportunity.

In addition to upfront costs, franchise fees, market considerations, and other factors, it’s important to compare marketing pros and cons between different living assistance franchise opportunities. Here are three areas to assess the marketing resources of potential franchisors:

National Marketing Efforts

When you purchase a living assistance franchise opportunity, you’re also purchasing a brand. A franchise comes with a name, a logo, and — most important of all — a reputation. Working under the banner of a recognized brand is a powerful way to build trust with new clients and generate ongoing business.

Nothing is more important for a brand’s reputation than its national marketing efforts. Those efforts depend largely on a brand’s size, resources, and national footprint. They also depend on the marketing choices made at the franchise network’s national level.

National marketing programs generally depending on a co-op structure, funded by franchise fees. When comparing different living assistance franchise opportunities, it’s important to weigh those costs against the extent and effectiveness of the brand’s marketing efforts. You will also want to assess the brand’s existing name recognition and reputation within your target market.

Local Marketing Efforts

Nothing can replace the value of local marketing. Getting your business’s name out, building relationships in the community, and generating word of mouth always plays a crucial role in growing and sustaining a business.

At the end of the day, the results of your local marketing efforts will rest on your shoulders. But that doesn’t mean you need to carry the weight on your own. The best living assistance franchise opportunities are those that include extensive franchise-level marketing support, improving your chances of success with local marketing.

Two qualities can help you evaluate the local marketing support you’ll receive through your franchisor. The first is the level of ongoing support you receive from national directors. A director’s experience can be invaluable in developing a local marketing attack plan. The second is local marketing materials available to your business. A high-quality franchisor will have an extensive library of local marketing materials that franchisees can customize to their needs.

Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing has reshaped the way brands and business reach consumers. However, some industries and businesses have been late to adapt. This has had a significant impact on living assistance franchise opportunities.

The reason why is simple. Our industry caters and markets itself to older adults, who tend to be more resistant to digital technologies. In response, some brands within the living assistance industry have doubled down on TV, radio, and print, with minimal investment in digital technologies.

These brands have missed out as digital marketing has become a major part of the living assistance landscape. Over the past five years, technology has become more senior-friendly, tech-savvy Baby Boomers have started to hit retirement age, and seniors’ children have come to rely on digital channels when researching home care agencies.

If you’re buying a living assistance franchise opportunity, choosing a forward-thinking franchisor will give the support and resources you need to compete on a digital level. Otherwise, you’ll either struggle online or need to invest heavily in digital marketing on your own.

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