Senior Care Franchise Opportunity
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A Senior Care Franchise Opportunity with Comprehensive Offerings

As an entrepreneur, you likely know how important it is for businesses to offer services that meet a wide range of needs. At Visiting Angels®, our senior home care programs have been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our senior care franchise opportunities provide passionate entrepreneurs with the chance to serve families in their communities by delivering high-quality care that’s been customized to fit their individual circumstances.

With such a diverse range of services on offer, it’s easy for franchisees to find success as they adapt to the requirements and requests of the seniors and families they work with. Since these services can be modified over time whenever care requirements change, they open the door to a long-term relationship with clients based on trust, mutual respect, and a dedication to the well-being of the care recipient.

Our Range of Services Benefit Both Seniors & Franchisees

Our many years of experience in the senior care industry has shown us just how diverse seniors’ needs can be. Some elderly adults require mobility support, daily reminders, and even 24/7 supervision. Others simply need a conversation partner or a helping hand with activities such as cooking and cleaning.

Visiting Angels’ franchisees meet the needs of their clients through a collection of senior care programs known as Senior Life Care Navigation™. With this range of specialized programs, franchisees can provide specific levels of support individual care recipients require to age in place safely and comfortably.

Seniors and their families aren’t the only ones who benefit from such an array of services. This spectrum of offerings also gives franchisees an advantage, as they are able to fill different niches across their local community. 

Rather than providing a narrow set of services that only make sense for clients at a specific point in their lives, Visiting Angels owners work to help seniors cope with the many challenges they face throughout the aging process.

Choose a Senior Care Franchise Opportunity That Meets All Needs

When you become a franchisee with Visiting Angels, you’ll understand just how crucial it is to remain flexible as care recipients’ needs and life circumstances change over time. Sudden injuries, illnesses, and major life transitions can result in seniors and their family caregivers requiring different forms of support. As a care agency with comprehensive service offerings, you’ll maintain confidence in your ability to assist care recipients during the many ups and downs of aging.

Here’s a quick overview of the programs our franchisees offer.

Alzheimer’s Care

You’ll have the chance to help elderly adults who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease remain at home in familiar surroundings, even as they cope with the difficult symptoms of this disease.

Dementia Care

Dementia care promotes the quality of life of seniors with memory disorders and enables them to avoid a traumatic move away from their cherished home environment. These services also give family caregivers much-needed respite.

Palliative Care

Visiting Angels owners make a major difference in the lives of seniors through compassionate care that tends to their social, emotional, and spiritual needs and enables them to enjoy life to the fullest during their golden years.

End-of-Life Care

The end-of-life stage can be incredibly difficult for families. By providing much-needed support as they care for their loved ones, you can help ease their burden.

Companion Care

Through this program, you’ll match seniors with caregivers who can assist them with maintaining the independent lifestyle they desire.

Personal Care

Our home care providers also offer dignified support with personal care routines for seniors whose mobility limitations or strength concerns make basic activities a challenge.

Ready-Set-Go Home

By giving seniors the resources they need to avoid readmission following a hospital discharge, we facilitate successful recoveries and keep seniors at home where they feel most comfortable.

Safe & Steady Fall Prevention

As falls are such a danger for older individuals, we have an entire program dedicated to fall prevention, home assessments, and safety tips.

Social Care

Seniors often become socially isolated as they cope with age-related issues. Our social care program encourages them to connect with their loved ones online, keeping them socially active and mentally engaged.

Our senior care franchise opportunities open the door to long-term relationships with care recipients and their families. Contact Visiting Angels at (800) 365-4189 to find out more about the benefits of purchasing one of our franchises.