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Franchisee Satisfaction Key to Identifying Best Franchise to Buy

best franchise to buyIn a recent piece on behalf of Franchise Business Review, Emma Pearson has identified just why it’s so important to consider franchisee satisfaction surveys when you’re evaluating the best franchise to buy. Pearson’s argument is simple: no-one can give you a better sense of a franchise’s potential than existing franchisees.

At Visiting Angels, we couldn’t agree more. And maybe we’re biased—after all, Visiting Angels franchisees report the highest satisfaction levels of any home care franchise business. But reading Pearson’s post, we can’t help but agree that the key to identifying the best franchises to buy is through reaching out to the investors and entrepreneurs who have taken the journey already.

How Franchisees Help Identify Best Opportunities

There are a number of ways that you can identify the best franchise opportunities to buy, but few offer the insight of listening to the first-hand experiences of franchise owners. By relying on the opinions of actual franchise owners, you’re able to get a full sense of how rewarding a franchise opportunity actually is.

As Pearson points out, franchise owners themselves have an inside view of any business, meaning they are able to take factors into account that outside observers simply can’t. Pearson suggests using franchise owner survey data to narrow down the best franchises to buy, then reaching out to past and present franchisees to ask them about their experiences.

Organization Dedicated to Finding the Best Franchises to Buy

If you haven’t already heard of Franchise Business Review and you’re evaluating the best franchises to buy, this organization is a great resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. Each year, they survey franchisees from hundreds of franchise model businesses across the US.

Unlike other franchise ranking methods, which sometimes suffer from presenting data out of a larger context, the goal of the Franchise Business Review survey is to get a real sense of how well franchisees perform after purchasing a franchise. By going directly to the most reliable source of information—franchisees themselves—Franchise Business Review has become a key source of information in the franchising world.

Buying a Visiting Angels Franchise

In the most recent Franchise Business Review survey of the best franchises to buy, Visiting Angels scored particularly well. We were the #1 ranked senior care franchise, the #2 ranked franchise with a sub-$100K investment, and the #3 ranked franchise overall.

Simply put, franchisees love working under the Visiting Angels brand. With our proven franchise model, exceptional corporate support, and the senior care industry’s massive growth potential, it’s no wonder franchisees consistently rank us as one of the best franchises to buy.

Request information about buying one of our franchises to learn why Visiting Angels is ranked by franchisees as the best franchise to buy in the senior care sector.