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Franchisee Satisfaction Key to Identifying Best Franchise to Buy

best franchise to buy If you’re interested in becoming a business owner, you want to do everything possible to ensure you’re well-positioned for success - before you even launch your business. Identifying the strongest business models and industries primed for growth is one of the key steps you’ll need to take.

If you are considering franchise ownership, asking yourself which is the best franchise to buy is an important question. Finding the best franchise for your goals, management style, and investment portfolio will help you get a head start on the journey of business ownership. The right choice will offer you not only financial success, but rewards in other areas of your life as well.

The home care sector has been drawing motivated and compassionate entrepreneurs for decades. At Visiting Angels®, we’ve been working in this dynamic industry for over two decades, providing comprehensive and compassionate care for families across the United States.

We are also proud to have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make an impact on their local communities. The senior care businesses they own offer services families rely on during some of life’s toughest times.

Year after year, we have witnessed the growth of this industry and the rewards that it provides - both to our franchise owners and to the families they support. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, we know that the best franchises to buy will continue to be in the home care sector.

Why is a Home Care Franchise One of the Best Franchises to Buy?

It’s no secret the country’s population is aging. In 1950 only 8% of Americans were 65 years old or older, but this number exploded by 2020 to almost 17% and continues to grow. In fact, according to a report published in 2022, by 2050 22% of the U.S. population is expected to be in the senior age group. This means that in the coming decades, more than one in five Americans will be a senior citizen.

As the country’s population skews older, the need for senior care services is rising dramatically. This isn’t only due to changing demographics. In fact, Americans’ preferences for senior care also seem to be changing.

A survey conducted by the AARP shows more than 70% of older adults plan to stay in their own residences and current communities as they age. In this day and age, more and more Americans are recognizing the benefits of aging in place over moving into nursing homes. Of course, for many, doing so can only be made possible with the help of a professional caregiver.

This combination of factors has made home care businesses some of the best franchises to buy and will continue to play a role in drawing entrepreneurs to this industry for some time. If you’re looking for a business whose services will experience increased demand as the years pass, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with senior care.

Visiting Angels Named One of the Best Franchises to Buy

When determining which is the best franchise to buy, it isn’t only important to identify a growing industry with plenty of projected demand. You also need to find a business model that has been proven to work time and again.

When you choose Visiting Angels, you can join a franchise brand that has been ranked by the Franchise Business Review as being among the most profitable franchises around. We’ve also ranked near the top of the best franchises to buy by Entrepreneur Magazine for over ten years in a row.

Here’s what makes us one of the best franchises to buy in home care:

Exceptional support for franchisees

We’ve created a franchise family in which every Visiting Angels owner feels fully supported and can always reach out to our experienced team with questions.

Innovative and effective marketing campaigns

We advertise our brand through both national and local channels to put a spotlight on our franchisees’ businesses and build trust with our target market.

Easy lead generation for a built-in client base

Our call center works 24/7 to distribute leads to our franchise network across the country.

Comprehensive training

Because we equip new franchisees with all the skills and information they need to thrive in their new roles, a background in the industry is not a requirement for success.

A business model that’s proven to be profitable

The average Visiting Angels franchise has a profit margin of between 15% and 18% and pulls in almost $1.3 million in yearly revenue.

Learn more about one of the best franchises to buy in the home care sector today! Call 800-365-4189 or contact us online for details about franchising opportunities with Visiting Angels.