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Best Franchise to Own? Find Out What Visiting Angels Franchisees are Saying

Visiting Angels® is more than a business. We are a franchise that helps fellow entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership. Like other companies, we promote our services on a wide range of platforms from Facebook to broadcast television. We don't tell our franchisees what to say. When we hear them speak about why we’re the best franchise to own and how we provide the support they need, then we have succeeded...on multiple levels.

Why Is Visiting Angels the Best Franchise to Own?

There are several ways our franchisees let us know what they think.

The leading market research firm, Franchise Business Review (FBR), polls franchisees to obtain data to formulate reviews and ratings of the top franchises, solely based on franchisee satisfaction.

In last year’s “Top Franchises Report,” Visiting Angels was awarded Best-in-Category Franchisee Satisfaction within the Senior Home Care Category. We also achieved top scores for franchisees’ general satisfaction, our franchisee community, and for our core organizational values.

Ultimately, we were named the fifth-best franchise to own across all sectors. 

In addition to discussions with our franchisees at conventions and meetings, we also interview them. We talk to Visiting Angels’ owners across the country to hear how they feel about their business and how they feel about the job we do for them.

These are just a few quotes from some recent conversations:

On Dedication to Our Work:

  • “We never lose sight that even though we’re doing a lot of tasks, we’re giving someone the gift of staying in their own home.” 

  • "We have been entrusted with someone’s loved one and we take that very seriously. It is not just the family who has entrusted us, God has as well.”

  • "We change lives. What we do are perhaps little things, but they make a big difference to those in our care."

  • “What do we do? We take care of families.”

As a Visiting Angels franchise owner, you’ll find that our teams, at both the corporate and local levels, are always focused on our clients and their well-being. Our dedication to providing care that makes aging in place possible is unwavering.

On Support from Our Corporate Team:

  • "The Visiting Angels support structure has been very critical to our success.”

  • “We can call the corporate office with a question about anything, from something simple about the website to a question about a dementia patient. We can call anytime, 24x7. It doesn’t matter if we contact the marketing department or the finance department, everyone is always willing to help. Their attitude is that we tackle everything together.”

  • “We are all like-minded people who share the mindset that we are here to support a certain community.”

Many franchisees have spoken about how they never owned a business or even considered this industry, yet they’ve shared how they were guided step-by-step and wholeheartedly supported to realize their dreams of business ownership. That commitment to our franchisees’ success is one of the key elements that makes Visiting Angels the best franchise to own.

On Community and Partnership:

  • “The Visiting Angels community is like a family. One that celebrates your successes, holds you when you need help, and raises you up when you need lifting. We have an amazing network.”

  • “All any of us want to do is help others. When we are helping each other, we are helping others.”

Perhaps it’s the type of businesses we own and operate, but unique bonds exist at Visiting Angels. There are of course those within each local office, but solid connections also flourish between the franchisees themselves and between the franchisees and the corporate office.

Interested in finding out more about why Visiting Angels is the best franchise to own? Learn how we make a difference in the lives of our home care franchise owners and those in their care by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.