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Building Your Home Care Franchise Marketing Toolbox

With a Visiting Angels® home care franchise, you will benefit from coast-to-coast marketing strategies supported by the most effective promotional tools. You’ll be the owner of a local business that boasts national name recognition.

Promoting A Home Care Franchise

One of the key purposes of a marketing campaign is to remain top of mind in the communities you serve. As a home care franchise owner, your marketing goal is to be "locally relevant" to the appropriate demographics.

At Visiting Angels, we’ve worked hard to develop robust marketing strategies to assist our franchisees in developing name recognition. Today, marketing strategies rest heavily on digital avenues. Let’s look at what it takes to be successful in the digital marketing and social media spaces.


In digital marketing, business owners need to focus their efforts in the areas that will most likely generate results. Focusing your marketing investment where you want to be seen is essential. Geotargeting allows you to specify the location(s) where your ads will show.

Geotargeted ad placement is also advantageous when running ads to hire caregivers. Prospective employees are seeking opportunities in their hometown, so those targeted ads will help put prospects in the pipeline.

Bottom line: As a home care franchise owner, you will save on ad spend when you deliver messaging directly to where your target audience lives. Give them the info they need and a clear call to action so they will reach out to learn more.

Know Your Audience

This number-one rule in public speaking also applies to digital marketing strategies. You need to know not only “where” your potential clients are, but “who” is looking for your services. With 86% of consumers reading online reviews and 67% of adults who are age 65 and older using the Internet, there’s no reason NOT to advertise online.

According to market research compiled from more than 4,500 respondents and used by Caring.com, “The average person seeking senior care online is a woman between 50 and 70. Most often, that person is the care recipient’s adult child (39%) or spouse (29%).”

Bottom line: When you identify your target market, you can send your message to those who need to hear it. Using the key demographics identified for your location can help to focus ad dollars on those most likely to respond to your messaging.


Being consistent is as important as any tactic in your marketing toolbox. Your messaging and imaging should be in line with the larger brand and consistent across all of the platforms utilized in your marketing portfolio. When a potential client sees your ads in their Google search results, on their social media feed, and on YouTube, they should instantly recognize your name and who you are.

Bottom line: The more times consumers see a consistent message, the more likely they are to convert into a customer.


Engagement is critical, especially on social media. Posting articles, videos, and stories will only get you so far. You’ll also want to be sure you are monitoring social media for comments and feedback from your followers. Respond to comments, ask followers what they think, request reviews, stay involved with the people who reach out to you. Social media is a living entity.

Bottom line: Consistently engaging with your followers is an excellent use of your social media efforts.

Visiting Angels: National Marketing Initiatives

On the national, franchise level, we continue to expand our reach to benefit our franchisees. While we consistently promote the company in print, television, and radio, we also maintain a strong digital marketing strategy. Our online presence extends across search engines, video channels, social media, and other channels.

As a company, we have worked hard for the last 20 years to establish our brand recognition and develop a strong and positive image. The Visiting Angels name remains top of mind and is viewed nationally as a successful and reliable home care franchise.

Even with all of our existing marketing initiatives, we still continue to evolve and grow. According to our Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Dave Ritterling, “A lot of our strategies have been with cable, but now that cable’s changing, we’re using a lot more digital sources. We’re on NPR now, which is unique for us. We’re finding new areas where listenership trends are happening.”

Mr. Ritter has also shared, “Geotargeting, Hulu, YouTube. Those really are the next extension for all of us [home care providers]. We need to be where the people are, and they’re on phones.”

With global sales of more than $615 million and over 600 U.S. locations and counting, owners of a Visiting Angels’ home care franchise are uniquely positioned to benefit from both a local and a national marketing toolbox. One that converts leads into client families and caregivers into hires.

Learn more about owning a Visiting Angels’ home care franchise by calling 800-365-4189 or by requesting information online.