Available Senior Care Franchise Locations
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Available Senior Care Franchise Locations

As the population ages, there is a greater need for access to high-quality home care services, especially in certain areas of the country. At Visiting Angels®, we have a number of available senior care franchise locations in cities and towns where the demographics call for reliable home care services. If you’re interested in opening a home care business, starting in one of these locations will help ensure you experience success from the get-go.

Joining our franchise will give you a high level of stability, operational support, and marketing assistance, meaning you can simply focus on running your business and caring for your clients. Most importantly, we have the resources to research the best locations for our franchises. When you become a franchisee with us, you’ll enjoy a built-in customer base and the opportunity to assist families throughout your local area.

Snapshot of Available Senior Care Franchise Locations

We’ve analyzed demographic trends to pinpoint territories most in need of a reputable senior home care service. Below, we’ve detailed how those demographics translate into better business for our franchisees.

While home care services from Visiting Angels are especially beneficial for seniors who live alone, they can also be a huge help for those who reside with family members. Many family caregivers require respite care services to avoid burnout and maintain a balanced lifestyle. In addition, those whose loved ones are coping with challenging age-related issues, such as dementia, often need a professional care provider to take over their caregiving duties completely.

Why Choose Our Senior Care Franchise Available in:

  • Duluth, MN: Duluth has a population of around 85,000. With 14% of this population aged 60 or over, this city is an optimal location for a home care agency. A large percentage of these seniors, 36%, are living alone, while 53% reside with family members. All in all, these statistics show that a great number of individuals in Duluth could benefit from the help of a professional care provider.
  • Texarkana, TX: As with Duluth, 14% of the population of Texarkana is composed of senior citizens, and roughly the same percentage of those live alone – about 34%. Even more live with family, about 55%. These numbers suggest many residents of Texarkana are currently in need of the type of flexible home care services Visiting Angels is known for.
  • Bloomington, IL: Bloomington is also an excellent location for a senior care franchise. Of its population of roughly 77,000, 10% are seniors. A total of 36% of these older individuals live alone, while 59% reside with family members.
  • Champaign, IL: The population of Champaign has grown substantially since the 2010 census, increasing from 81,055 to an estimated 88,909 in 2019. Around 8% of the population are seniors, and a third of them live on their own. The majority of elderly adults in Champaign, 61% as of the last census, live with family.
  • La Crosse, WI: La Crosse is the largest city on the western border of Wisconsin and acts as the central point of the La Crosse Metropolitan area. A total of 13% of the city is aged 60 or over. More than a third of these seniors live alone, while about half of them reside with immediate or extended family members.
    Understanding Our Approach to Territories

At Visiting Angels, we work with a protected territory system which ensures our franchise owners have the flexibility to market outside their territories while still maintaining protection over their own areas.

As a franchisee, you’ll have complete access to families throughout your metro area, whether you choose to begin in one of the available senior care franchise locations above or elsewhere in the US. Plus, you’ll be able to market your services in nearby areas not currently owned by another Visiting Angels franchise.

Since we give you the opportunity to expand your reach without having to purchase an additional location, you can assist more families in need while also increasing the name recognition of your business.

Are you ready to learn more about purchasing one of our available senior care franchise locations? Contact Visiting Angels today at 800-365-4189 for details, or request additional information online.